• Antipode


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  • Overlap of Meaning

    Overlap of Meaning

    This bespoke bedding is composed of a gorgeous mix of feathers, gems, jewelry, fur, and golden fabric. It moves away from generic prêt-à-porter (ready-to-wear)characteristics and replaces it with a contradictory elegance and extravagance

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  • Vertical Hotel

    Vertical Hotel

    “Humans and beds are like vertical and horizontal axis.” When we lie down on bed, we position ourselves to be parallel to the bed – going from vertical to horizontal. However, we have proposed a new perspective; we made the bed stand vertically to

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  • Aura of Space

    Aura of Space

    All Masterpieces have an an aura. Each aura is unique and native to the piece in shape, structure, and color. Through the aura of light and the placement of objet d’art, we interpret space anew.

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  • Salon De Art

    Salon De Art

    Salon de Art portrays freedom and elegance through a unique salon. Exhibited during the 2017 Crown Goose Brand Party, this unique expression of luxury captures the dreams and motivations of Crown Goose. The work was created 

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  • Collaboration with Minjun

    Collaboration with Minjun

    ART PROJECT Collaboration with Minjun Art Jewelry Material_ sterling siver 925, cubiczirconia In this work we imbue dreams, passion, and knowledge of elegance. Crafted by a master jeweler, the idea of luxury is reflected in silver clarity.

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  • Null Stern Hotel

    Null Stern Hotel

    Frank and Patrik Riklin’s Null Stern Hotel is located in the middle of the Alps. The intent of creating Null Stern, meaning “Zero Star” in German, was to contemplate the meaning of the hotel. By erecting a hotel in the most unexpected of spaces, the 

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