Crown Goose Bespoke Service 


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Crown Goose’s premium service is dedicated for you.
So you can be with Crown Goose whenever and wherever.
Reflecting your taste and sleeping environment, we produce the only bedding in the world.

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Only For You

Crown Goose Bespoke Service with a team of experts in design, production, and fabric,
offers you the product made only for you.

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From the filling materials to the fabric, you can choose the origin, weight, size and initial embroidery.
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In a variety of options including small details for the perfect relaxation, You can design your own Crown Goose.
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Meet the finest bedding to suit your taste and sleeping environment.

Bedding Bespoke - Duvet & Pillow

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Bespoke for your personal home styling

Step 1.

Select your down

Customers can choose the origins for feathers
from Poland, Denmark, Hungary, Canada, Siberia, and Iceland.


Polish / Known for its finest goose down
Domesticated in Polish farms facing the Baltic Sea,
Polish geese produce the finest feather.
Over more than 100 years of history,
the Polish goose down is known for having the highest quality and its fill power.


Danish/ North Europe Denmark’s royal goose down
In between North Sea and Baltic Sea, Denmark is famous for its severe wind.
Surviving through the extreme coldness of the Northern Europe,
Danish goose offers luxurious European lifestyle.


Hungarian/ History of the production of goose down since 15th Century
From the 15th century to the present, Hungary has produced the most popular goose down among the public.
Domesticated and adapted to cold sea breezes and rapid climate changes,
the Hungarian goose shows its excellent insulation and volume.


Canadian/ domesticated in gifted nature producing pure white goose down
Having a climate going down below -40, massive rivers, and wide prairies, Canada provides the perfect living conditions for geese.
Canadian goose down is known for its less smell in products and its spotless pure white feather.


Siberian/ Goose down domesticated in extreme environment of Siberia
Siberia has a typical continental climate and a large-scale environment which goes down to -50 degrees Celsius.
In order to survive from this harsh weather,
Siberian goose developed its chest hair, which results its size and soft feather.


Iceland Goose down hatching eggs in the middle of the North Atlantic
In northern Iceland, common eiders fill their nest with female eider’s chest feathers;
this thermal insulation is the key for hatching eggs.
Once people found out about eider downs,
they started to pick them up and used them.
Due to its scarcity value, for decades,
eider down is rated as one of the best downs in the world.



Step 2.

Made-to-measure Sizes

Customize not only for standard sizes, but also for non-standard sizes
(size measurement: cm)

Step 3.

Customizing Filler

Customize by choosing the origins of goose down,
the amount of goose down and its proportion.

Step 4.

Extensive Selection of Fabrics

You can choose the materials and colors of the fabric
which are optimized for the basic Japanese Kageyama fabric as well as the goose down.




Standard Fabric

Duvet & Pillow  |  Premium 60s Down Proof Sateen 100%

Topper & Sham & Cushion |  Premium 60s Down Proof Sateen 100%





Crown Goose provides various colors and patterns.
Please choose the color and patterns that you prefer.





For piping, you can choose the preferred color.


Step 5.

Quilt & Construction

Choose the quilt size, number of loops, and bands for toppers.





Quilting is a processing method to distribute feathers evenly.






Loops help to tie bedding with a cover






topper bands are used to fix a topper on top of a mattress