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Welcome to Crown Goose. Free shipping in U.S. Welcome to Crown Goose. Free shipping in U.S.


10 Dreamy Bedroom Inspiration

From the proven all-white bedroom and cozy pink to modern grey and clean, sleek lines, check out the bedroom that you'd want to spend hours in.


Shop similar look: Crown Goose Sopor Collection - White




Featured: Crown Goose Cordon Collection - Grey




 Featured: Crown Goose Cordon Collection - Navy





Featured: Crown Goose Jardin Collection - Beige


Crown Goose makes luxurious bedding at affordable prices. Instead of poor quality at cheap prices, that may not last too long anyway, Crown Goose strives to offer fine quality bedding selection using high-quality fabric and craftsmanship that will last a long, long time. Stay tuned for wider selection of cover sets and bedding product selection.

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How to Power Nap like a Pro

If you’re like me, you hit a lull couple hours after having lunch. Like clockwork, I find myself grabbing my second cup of coffee every day around 3 p.m. If you have the luxury of working at home, or even just escaping to a conference room or your car, try power napping instead of chugging down caffeine next time.




Fifteen to Twenty Minutes

Power nap doesn’t mean allow yourself hours of napping. You need to keep it short and disciplined. Fifteen to twenty minutes does wonders - feeling refreshed and bright-eyed. If you sleep for thirty to sixty minutes, you’re likely to wake up even more groggy. If you have the time and need the longer nap, shoot for sixty to ninety minutes to get the full sleep cycle. For napping at home, snuggle up with Crown Goose duvet and pillow for full-on fluffiness and breathability to keep you soft and dry.



Nap vs Coffee

You may feel more wired for action with the second cup of coffee, but you may be more prone to mistakes because caffeine can decrease memory function.

Nap in One or Two Hours After Lunch

An hour or two after lunch is usually when your blood sugar and energy levels dip. Consider taking a nap around this time and keep it consistent every day for maximum benefits.



Go Dark

Blocking out the light helps fall asleep faster and speed is the name of the game in power napping. After waking up from the nap, get right back in your day by splashing some water on your face, taking a quick walk or doing a few jumping jacks in place. Now you’re ready to go.

Taking these short power naps help to replenish your energy level and maximize your time during the day. Crown Goose’s mission is to vitalize the daily lives with quality sleep and all our products are made with that key mission in mind. Check out Crown Goose down bedding products to make every nap and sleep extraordinary.



Crown Goose makes luxurious bedding at affordable prices. Instead of poor quality at cheap prices, that may not last too long anyway, Crown Goose strives to offer fine quality bedding selection using high-quality fabric and craftsmanship that will last a long, long time. Stay tuned for wider selection of cover sets and bedding product selection.

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A Dream Wedding Bedding by Crown Goose



There are some things during the wedding planning process that you look forward to. For me it was the trying on dresses, shopping for kitchen appliances (plates, cups, flatware - swoon!) and decorating our bedroom-to-be.




Because the bedroom is one of the most used rooms, it may be smart to invest in key pieces early on to last through the years like mattresses, duvets and pillows. As for the mood of the room, items like lamps, side tables and bedding will play major roles.





Crown Goose currently offers a special Wedding Package, which includes two duvets, two pillows, one cover set and one topper. For the duvets, you get to stock up on different warmth levels - one for cooler days and one for warmer. There are eight different chic and modern duvet cover designs to choose from to create the mood you want. And the included Crown Goose topper is the dreamy finishing touch to making the perfect, never-want-to-leave bed.




Crown Goose’s mission is to vitalize the daily lives with quality sleep and all our products are made with that key mission in mind. Everyone on the Crown Goose team strives to provide quality sleep and excellent customer service to our customers so always feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Follow Crown Goose on Instagram for style inspirations. Sleep extraordinarily!

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The Wedding Registry Gifts You'll Wish You'd Thought Of

The wedding gift registry. That’s one of the fun parts of wedding planning, right? It was for me, right after the engagement photos and dress shopping. After five years of happy marriage, here’s my list of what I wish I’d put in or invested in myself.


Whether you plan on cooking, few set of dishes in patterns and colors you love are a must-have. You will have many guests over, at least in the first year for all the housewarmings and parents checking up on you, so it’d be good to get some quality dish sets to impress.


Serving Sets

Kind of follows the previous choice. For the salads, big servings of pasta, steak, pork chop and anything else you’ll be googling recipes for, the presentation is just as important as the food itself.


Cookware Set

Every chef needs his or her pots. And quality cookware sets will last you a long, long time; plus, they actually can help enhancing the flavor of the food.


Coffee Maker

If either of you loves coffee (and honestly, who doesn’t need a good cup of coffee) then seriously consider an espresso or coffee machine. At the end of the day, your taste buds and your wallet will thank you.



Duvet (or Comforter)

We actually had invested in a good goose down duvet from the beginning, which we still use throughout all seasons. Now with companies like Crown Goose, who make premium goose down bedding products at much affordable prices, you don’t have to close your eyes to click the ‘Buy’ button. Read more about choosing the right duvet.




Same train of thought. We mentioned before the importance of using the right pillow. That means carefully considering the height, firmness and material that works for you and your partner. Crown Goose offers down pillows that are breathable and gives good support to your neck and back. And now, Crown Goose offers two packages: Crown Package and Wedding Package that includes pretty much what you need to get you started.


There’s nothing like a bath after a long day. And nothing like a soft, fluffy bathrobe after a good bath. If you’re nodding with me, then make sure include them on your registry.



Throws and cushions are great ways to spruce up your home and change the mood of it time to time. Having a variety of such will help greatly in catering to your whim.

These items are loved and used in our home, and it’s even better since we think of those who gifted them to us whenever we use them.

Crown Goose would love to be a part of your big day and in making it special. If you have any questions about our products or packages, or want to talk to us about putting together something unique for a special couple, please feel free to reach out to us. Crown Goose won’t stop until your sleep is extraordinary.

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How to Choose the Right Sheets 101

If you think about it, we spend a good amount of our life in our bed. (Netflix and chill, anyone?) So we talk about getting a good mattress, a good duvet and a good pillow. What about sheets?




With so many options to choose from, and with so many marketplaces that offer them, choosing the right bed sheets for you can seem more difficult than necessary. Several new bedding companies have emerged like Crown Goose, who are making luxurious bedding more and more appealing to even the budget-conscious folks. Instead of poor quality at cheap prices, that may not last too long anyway, Crown Goose offers fine quality bedding selection using high-quality fabric and craftsmanship.

Let’s dive into few details to look into if you’re in the market for new sheets.


Thread Count - The Hot Keyword

Every company wants to entice you with high thread count. But is it really as good as they say? And is the price worth it? To summarize, higher thread count does not necessarily make for softer, better quality sheets.



Feat. Jardin Collection, Beige


Why Is That?

Thread count (“TC”) refers to the the amount of woven threads that make up one square inch of the fabric, combining the horizontal threads (called “weft”) and vertical ones (“warp”). This number normally ranges from 150 up to 1,000 or more in fabrics like silk. But when it comes to cotton, like for all Crown Goose products, you need to be looking at more than just the TC number.


When producing sheets, only so many threads can fit on a loom. Many experts say 400 to 600 threads per inch is ideal. However, because TC is often used as part of a marketing tactic, some add extra threads by twisting them into the weft, increasing the TC number but providing no values in terms of adding to softness or durability. You may even find yourself wondering why 1,000 or more TC sheets pills and seems fragile to touch.


All that to say, focus on the fabric itself. Fabric used should be of durable fiber and if you wanted to dig deeper, with marks like 100S Cotton, which denotes the fineness of the fabric (contributing to the softness of your sheets) can also be considered.

Down to the Sheet Fabric

With thread count aside, there’s no question when it comes to softness or durability that the best cotton sheets are Percale and Sateen. Sateen used in Crown Goose bedding products is the closest fabric you can get that provides the silky satin feel without being very costly and fragile. It’s also naturally wrinkle-resistant, helping to create a clean, organized look in your bedroom.





Considering the amount of time you spend in bed, plus the importance of quality sleep, you may be doing yourself a favor by choosing or upgrading to premium bedding from the ol’ bedding from the broke college days. Crown Goose offers a wide variety of designs in cover sheets and fitted sheets, made with premium cotton material so head on over and see what suits you. If you’re not already, follow us on Instagram for style inspirations.


Sleep extraordinarily,

Crown Goose

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7 Tips to Surviving (And Sleeping Through) the Heat Wave

You’ve all heard (and felt!) by this point - we’re breaking records all over the country with this heat. Sure, keeping the AC on will help but it won’t help with your wallet. Let’s consider some other creative or tried-and-true ways to stay cool (or less hot) during the hot summer.



1. Cotton is King

Save the satin, silk and polyester sheets for colder days. Bed linens made with pure cotton, like these cover sets and fitted sheets from Crown Goose, are lightweight and breathable and can really help with the airflow and ventilation in your bedroom. (And don’t forget about your pillows - where your head that lets your body heat escape lies.)




2. Freezer is for Ice Cream… and Your Sheets

Freezer is where you keep things cold so use it to keep your sheets cold. Yes, the coldness won’t last hours but it definitely will cool you down a bit so you don’t shower in sweat after your shower. Put your Crown Goose sheet in a zippable plastic bag (to keep the smell away), place it in a freezer for a few minutes before you go to head. Lay it out and breathe in the welcomed chill.


3. Drink Up

A cup of cool water will keep you hydrated even with all the sweating and tossing through the night. Keep it to about a cup unless you want to face the 3 a.m. debate of whether to get up for the bathroom.


4. Go Au Naturel

There’s some debate on this as expected. For some, it’s the way to sleep all seasons; others believe this actually prevents the sweat from being absorbed by the pajama fabric. Test it out and let us know what works for you!


5. Two Isn’t Always Better

Take that you couples. I mean apologies, all dear couples. You guessed it - spooning or just being close increases the body heat, making the air around you stuffy. So… claim your side, stat! Better yet, create a wall with Crown Goose down pillows. Also for those with smaller beds all to yourselves, Crown Goose will be offering twin size down duvets and cover sets very soon. Stay tuned.


6. Get Low, Low, Low, Low

Hot air rises so get down and lower. If your bedroom is on a higher floor, grab your Crown Goose comforter or maybe just the pillow and get downstairs. If your apartment is on a top floor, floor might be the better option.


7. Turn off and Unplug

Light bulbs give off heat. So do all your electronic devices. Keep them off whenever possible and use as much of the summer daylight as possible. It’s also good for the wallet as well (double win).


Beat the summer heat wave these quick and easy tips and breathable sheets and duvets from Crown Goose. Share your thoughts and ideas with comments.

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Goose Down vs Duck Down - What Should You Buy?



Goose Down or Duck Down?

This is the questions you will be asking yourself once you start shopping for bedding products. People talk about “down products” being good but there’s fill power, quality of down, thread count and so many things to consider, you’re starting to feel a little lost. Fear not - let’s dive in and clear some things up.

What Is Better?

As you may have guessed it, goose down products have a higher value compared to duck down. But that’s not to say it’s absolute - very high quality duck down duvet may be better than an mediocre goose down duvet.



Is There a Big Difference?

Fill Power (= Insulating Power)

Both goose down and duck down comforters provide similar insulation as they both share similar structure that provides insulation. However, it’s said that duck down comforters have about 87% of the insulating power that goose down comforters have. Currently, the highest fill power of goose down products is roughly 1,000 FP and usually at extremely prices. Crown Goose offers high-end 875 FP goose down products that will keep you warm for a long time.


There is no major difference between goose down and duck down when it comes to durability. Rather, the durability of down comforters are largely affected by the down’s fat and oil content, and can vary from one season to another as factors such as weather, bird condition, feed, etc. can cause the fat and oil content in birds to be different.

What you should be aware of is how a manufacturer processes down to optimize fill power, durability and cleanliness. As such, all Crown Goose products go through 14 cleansing cycles and have 1000mm+ turbidity confirming the cleanliness of our down product.



Keep in mind, however, that even the cleanest down products, whether it’s goose or duck, may have a slight odor depending on your sense of smell. Some fat and oil content is necessary to allow the resilience and pliability of down products, which may cause the minimal odor - if this is the case for your with any of Crown Goose products, simply air them out and the odor should be gone within a day.





The Conclusion

Both goose and duck down comforters can be excellent choices when considering a bedding purchase. It’s recommended that you read up on how these products are manufactured and processed to make the best choice for you. Crown Goose provides such details on product pages, and we welcome any questions you have when it comes to purchasing your bedding duvets and covers.

Though many high-quality duck down comforters have been made available over the recent years, goose down is generally considered superior to duck down. Crown Goose has sought out to resolve some of the dilemma, especially when considering budget, by provide luxury down bedding at affordable prices. We will continue to work towards the goal of helping to make everyone’s sleep extraordinary.

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Down Pillows - Are They Worth It?

Down Pillows - Are They Worth It?

Let’s talk pillow.

Many studies show the importance of sleep so it’s no wonder more and more people are paying attention to their quality of sleep. Sleep really has great impact on both physical and mental well-being and getting the best sleep you can is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And that's why Crown Goose has spent a lot of R&D into creating the best down pillows as possible.




How Do We Make the Most of the 7, 8 Hours?

If you’ve been paying attention to the details of your sleep environment, you may have noticed the importance of your pillow. Its shape, material, height, just about every little detail of your pillow has an effect on the quality of your sleep. So how do you decide on the best pillow option for you? Read on to find out the science and construction behind Crown Goose down pillows.


Comfort in Every Position

I sleep on my side, my husband sleeps on his stomach. Generally speaking, a person tosses and turns 20-30 times on average during their sleep. Consequently, your pillow should be designed to accommodate and provide comfort for all positions. We say the design of a pillow is good when the filling is evenly distributed and supports the natural S curve of the cervical vertebral. Down pillow from Crown Goose is constructed with three layers with high fill power that is able to contain air and provide that support needed whatever your sleep position.



Science Behind the Design

As a general rule, avoid pillows that are too hard or too soft. Too hard pillows press against your nerves and can disrupt blood flow, whereas too soft pillows do not provide enough support for your neck and backbone. Crown Goose’s down pillows have a three-layer structure where the top and bottom layer that comes in contact with your head is just supple enough, with the middle layer filled with goose feather for bearing power. Its height of 760g is the standard height used in most luxury hotels and resorts for the utmost comfort.




Made for All Seasons

Another important factor when it comes to good pillows is their breathability and absorptiveness. The human head serves a big role in eliminating the body heat and the material of the pillow can help transfer that heat. Goose down with its air permeability and fill power is excellent in maintaining the heat during winter and allowing the air flow during the hotter months. Crown Goose uses only the premium goose down from Poland for the best quality sleep you can have.

Pillow can really break or make your sleep so make sure you understand your needs and the material of your preference for your pillow. Sleep extraordinarily!

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An Intimate Party With Crown Goose x Chloé Digital


Crown Goose joined Chloé Digital to celebrate the work and successes of some of the biggest social influencers. Held at Tres by Jose Andres in SLS Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA, those attending enjoyed a lavish dinner, engaging conversations and comfort and luxury gifts provided by Crown Goose.



@chloedigital, @karanmahendroo, @alysscampanella





Crown Goose is a global lux bedding brand that provides ultimate goose down duvets, pillows and cover sheets without the exorbitant price tags. It is Crown Goose’s mission to have everyone realize and take advantage of the value of sound sleep and as such we strive to provide such products and services that come second to none.



The intimate dinner presented in collaboration with today’s leading entrepreneurs, thought provokers and ethically and environmentally conscious influencers provided much value, in having gained friendships, valuable feedback and being surrounded by positive energy.




We’re looking forward to sharing more exciting ventures and news in the future. Crown Goose will continue to work tirelessly to make sleep extraordinary so stay tuned and follow us on Instagram or Facebook. We welcome any questions or feedback you may have in achieving your perfect set of bedding so DM, email or contact us here, however you please.

Sleep extraordinarily,

Crown Goose

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How Are Hotel Beds So Comfortable

How Are Hotel Beds So Comfortable

Summer is here and that means vacations. Whether it’s a quick getaway to Palm Springs or a week-long fun-cation in Cancun, do you know what is the first thing I do when I get there? Plop down on that fluffy heaven called hotel bed. It’s all sorts of wonderful rolled into one big white fluff. And I love it.


How Are Hotel Beds So Comfy?

It’s a known fact that hotels invest a lot into their beds and sheets - to create an experience that their customers will remember and hopefully come back for. Each hotel has crafted their perfect formula of mattresses, pillows and bed linen that provide the best possible sleep. And Crown Goose has crafted their premium bedding products to match the luxury hotel experience.


Higher Thread Count.

Generally speaking, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet. Most luxury sheets are made with pure cotton with a thread count of around 300 or more. Check out Crown Goose's sheets with 500 TC. 


Use a Down Comforter With Cotton Cover.

One key secret to hotel bedding is the down comforter. Its fluffiness with breathable cotton duvet cover feel luxuriously smooth and light on your skin during the warmer months but have insulating capacity to keep you warm during the colder months. Down duvet is what gives the feeling of sleeping on the clouds. Crown Goose down duvets with their high fill power and cotton sheets will have you sighing a breath of contentment. 


Go All White.

While the thread count of the sheets and the height of the mattresses may differ from one hotel to next, they all seem to have one thing in common - an all white look. They say the color contributes to creating a serene mood and the feeling of newness and cleanliness that immediately puts guests at ease.


More Is More With Pillows.

When they say less is more, that certainly does not apply to pillows. Most luxury hotels have at least two to four down pillows decking out the bed, about two fiber filled (synthetic fill including alternative down) pillows, and even few decorative ones. Read more about the importance of choosing the right pillows on Crown Goose's blog.


Quality Counts With Mattress.

When it comes to mattresses, you really do get what you pay for. Some hotels have custom mattresses specifically made for them; though it may be hard to ask for a custom mattress for yourself, picking the right mattress with appropriate firmness that works for you will work wonders at the end of the day.


Extra Touches.

What you can’t have at the hotels are touches here and there that are your own. They are what you do get to do when it comes to decorating your bedroom. Add the right light, a soft rug at your feet or personal artifacts like framed pictures on your bedside table for a magical night of sleep. For more bedroom inspiration, follow Crown Goose on Instagram.

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