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Welcome to Crown Goose. Free shipping in U.S. Welcome to Crown Goose. Free shipping in U.S.


Getting your bedding right with Crown Goose by Alejandra

 Most of you noticed that picture on my Instagram, but Now is the time to speak about bedding.

I love a good well made bed. I love bedding and having a good quality bedding is, probably, 40% of good chances of sleeping well and rest, and your daily life will be less stressful and you become more focused and get positive towards life.

I came across this bedding brand, because I was searching for some wedding facts and wrote them here on the blog, and continued to chech what Crown Goose had to offers, as their products look amazing.

I wanted to see if their products were so good as their reviews said, to feel, to touch and to have a good night of sleep.

Most of you know I suffer from Insomnia and there are periods during the years I can stay without sleeping for days, or even just sleep 2 to 3 hours a night for weeks!

I thought that – Nothing like a good comfy bedding – and decided to get a few items.



The Decor after you set up all the bedding is exactly like the beautiful pictures they have online. Your bed will literally look like that.

The Duvet is made with polish down, it even brings little feathers on the duvet bag, like a sample, for you to see they are real. I loved the fact that they thoughts about details, and that is very important. It’s very important to check the quality.






Some specs from the Duvet:

  • Certified by Oeko-Tex standard 100 – class I, Crown Goose products go through 14 cleansing cycles and have 1000mm+ turbidity, confirming the cleanliness of the down product.

  • Total 16 loops on the duvet to keep your duvet in place.

  • 100% goose down.

  • 875 FP (fill power, which is a measure of “fluffiness” of a down product. The higher the FP the more air an ounce of the down can trap, thus the more insulating ability the down has.



Some Specs from the Cover Set:

  • Soft, lightweight sheets that’ll last through decades.

  • High quality sewing and backstitching.

  • Button closures.

  • Extremely breathable during the warmer months; retaining your body heat during the colder months.

  • Durable and does not pill or produce much lint.

  • Total 16 loops on the duvet to keep your duvet in place.

  • 100% pure cotton.

 Another thing is, and prepared to be blown away, the duvets and the duvet cover has a little trick! Inside the Duvet cover you have ties and on the duvet, you have the hoops to tie them! *mind blow emoji*

No more duvets running down the cover and ending on your feet!

(If you knew about this trick… please let me have this as a personal triumph!)




 My bed feels soooo goood! The cotton from the set is absolutely amazing with a 100% premium cotton fabric.

I am not always fond of white beds, but right now I am convinced and my Bed looks gorgeous, feels good and I have been sleeping like if I was in cloud nine.

 I didn’t know Crown Goose as a brand, but you can be sure is the best spent money ever. They are durable, they are comfortable, they are flawless and they are elegant. From the embroidery to the package, everything is good.

I had to share about this experience and being honest as they are great quality bedding. All my family asked me when I got them.






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Best Goose Down Duvet | Crown Goose Luxury Bedding Review by Tamsie

  Autumn has really crept up on us hasn’t it? I’ve gone into full-on nesting mode and I’ve been cosying up with some new bedding from Crown Goose

  Crown Goose is a global luxury bedding producer found on beds in luxury boutique hotels and worldwide chains, yachts and private jets. Since it’s the celeb’s choice, I was desperate to try the bedding for myself!


  Here’s my bed dressed in the goose down duvet and Crown Goose’s beautiful, elegant ivory duvet cover:


Goose down is a great material for bedding because it’s warm and cozy in the winter, but light and cool in the summer, so you won’t have to sleep with one leg out of the covers when you get too hot! It’s a great insulator, but is still breathable, so it stays light and dries fast. Crown Goose uses top quality 100% goose down from Poland to fill their 100% cotton duvets, unlike lower end brands which pad out the real goose down with polyester and even potentially harmful substances!

  When I was reading up on duvets for this post, I discovered that there’s actually a lot to the task of choosing bedding! First of all, ‘goose material’ does not always imply high quality, as it may be mostly feathers and not down. A high down count indicates a high quality duvet. Crown Goose duvets are 100% Polish goose down – and you can’t get better quality than 100%! After collecting the down, they then clean it at least 14 times!


  You should also look at something called ‘fill power’ (no, I hadn’t heard of it either) when choosing a goose down duvet. This means the amount of space 1 oz of down takes up, so essentially how fluffy the duvet is. You should look for a high fill power because it shows the material is stable and will still feel new after each night’s sleep.

  You may be a little nervous to purchase something with a higher price point, especially if you’re on a tight budget like I am, but given that Crown Goose’s goose down duvets can last a DECADE with proper care, it’s really an investment as you’d have to replace low quality duvets much more often anyway. I tend to instinctively buy the cheapest version of something I can find, but this ends up costing me more in the long run, so I’m trying to buy fewer but higher quality things!


 Crown Goose Cover Set: Losange Ivory Collection 


  I’ve found it really warm and cozy, and I love the simplicity of the ivory duvet pattern. You can feel that it’s high quality, and I really notice the difference compared to my old polyester duvet! It arrived in nice packaging and in good time, so really the only ‘downside’ is the price – but remember, you get what you pay for.

  For those wondering, I got the Medium Queen size duvet and the Losange duvet cover. I would also recommend the Sopor duvet cover, which is a gorgeous, silky, purple-ish grey, and the Navy Jardin duvet cover, which is white with elegant navy edging.





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Snuggling on Cloud 9 – Crown Goose Comforter Review by Sheree


  I’m a mom of two very active toddlers and all the moms can agree that a good night of sleep would be the deciding factor of a productive, energetic morning versus a cranky and stressful one. Recently I have been staying up late working on projects or simply couldn’t fall asleep due to insomnia and I wake up feeling groggy and foggy and very irritable. That is when I got the Crown Goose bedding and matching duvet cover set in the mail.



  I have been hesitant to get goose down comforters in the past because I was afraid that I might be allergic to feathers. The Crown Goose down comforters are certified by Oeko-Tex standard 100 – class I and go through 14 cleansing cycles and have 1000mm+ turbidity, confirming the cleanliness of the down product. The comforter is light weight and fluffy because it has 875 FP (FP = filll power, which is a measure of “fluffiness” of a down product). The higher the FP the more air an ounce of the down can trap, thus the more insulating ability the down has. I also love that it has 16 sown on loops to keep the comforter in place inside the duvet cover.



  Speaking of the cover, I also got Crown Goose’s duvet cover set in Jardin. The thicker border frame design reminds me of high end hotel beds. It looks so minimal and chic and exactly my style. The material is 100% cotton, soft and lightweight with high quality sewing and back-stitching. It has button closures and loops to keep the duvet in place even when you have little monkey rolling around in the bed. The fabric is very breathable and durable that is pill and lint proof. As I share my new comfy and fluffy bed with my minis, I also feel good that Crown Goose does not accept down feathers from birds that are plucked alive.




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A Royal Night’s Sleep with Crown Goose Bedding by Lisa Valerie Morgan


  Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend! We had what I call the typical “home seller” weekend per usual. We make sure the house is immaculate on Friday for showings and then don’t touch anything until Sunday night. In spite of the stress of having our house on the market for such a long time, I still try to keep the place as calm and relaxing as possible. I definitely want to enjoy our remaining time in Manhattan Beach and turning our master suite into a relaxing sanctuary is key. So when Crown Goose reached out and asked if we’d like to try their bedding I jumped at the opportunity.



  Crown Goose is a premium bedding brand looking to disrupt the industry with high end hotel quality bedding at an extremely reasonable price point. Their high quality bedding at affordable prices was designed to keep customers well rested and happy. We coincidentally received our Crown Goose bedding on our wedding anniversary and our bed was so comfy it felt like we were spending the night at a five star hotel! The duvet cover and sheets are made of 100% pure cotton which means they are extremely breathable. The feeling is luxuriously smooth and light on your skin during the warmer months, but retains your body heat during the cooler months.


  Mister Pretty Little Shopper and I have been sleeping like royalty for the past couple of weeks with our Crown Goose bedding.


Crown Goose duvet comforter / Crown Goose cover set - King Size





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The Comfiest Comforter Review by Carly Hartman



  I am obsessed with Crown Goose USA Bedding, that is all. 

  No but seriously, I not only got to build a new bed for my room, but also got to put on my new bedding from Crown Goose! Dream come true. 


  The new headboard and the comforter have made my room cuter than it has ever been before, that's for sure! 



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