• Heterotopia of Manor

    Heterotopia of Manor

    A heterotopia represents a space that does not pertain to a single place. Disparate elements gather and mingle to remove the conventional. Rules and pre-existing notions are changed to create a new space and conceptions.

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  • Collection Flow Series 2

    Collection Flow Series 2

    Each design has a story that individual and objet d’art tell together. Finding elegance in the lines of Verni, or the decorative chains of Ecuries, we are lost in a space of both freedom and order. Where movements tell stories--the essence of wonder.

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  • Vertical Hotel

    Vertical Hotel

    “Humans and beds are like vertical and horizontal axis.” When we lie down on bed, we position ourselves to be parallel to the bed – going from vertical to horizontal. However, we have proposed a new perspective; we made the bed stand vertically to

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  • Collection Flow Series 1

    Collection Flow Series 1

    The story of bedding is told not just by the person, but by objet d’art. Through bold Jardin, and infinite Cordon; through perfect Losange, or glorious Daphne, we perform stories.

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  • Nabi Artist Residency 2017

    Nabi Artist Residency 2017

    Mark IJzerman

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