• ISEA 2019

    ISEA 2019

          Value of Values Maurice Benayoun, Tobias Klein, Nicolas Mendoza 3D Graphic Generator, EEG headband, Blockchain, TradingPlatform, Computers, HD screens, Massage Chairs, Projectors,QR Ticket Printer, Touch Screen, Speakers       Shared Senses: Intimacy Data Symphony Karen Lancel, Hermen Maat EEG headsets, Projector, Computers, Speakers       Liminal Louis-Philippe...

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  • Heterotopia of Manor

    Heterotopia of Manor

    A heterotopia represents a space that does not pertain to a single place. Disparate elements gather and mingle to remove the conventional. Rules and pre-existing notions are changed to create a new space and conceptions.

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  • Salon De Art

    Salon De Art

    Salon de Art portrays freedom and elegance through a unique salon. Exhibited during the 2017 Crown Goose Brand Party, this unique expression of luxury captures the dreams and motivations of Crown Goose. The work was created 

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