• Overlap of Meaning

    Overlap of Meaning

    This bespoke bedding is composed of a gorgeous mix of feathers, gems, jewelry, fur, and golden fabric. It moves away from generic prêt-à-porter (ready-to-wear)characteristics and replaces it with a contradictory elegance and extravagance

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  • Oblivion


    The overlap of diverse colors, expressed through royal navy blue color, is a metaphor for the unknown and mysteriousness. The blended color is created from mutual reaction of reflected light from the translucent silk. And it breaks the sense of

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  • Null Stern Hotel

    Null Stern Hotel

    Frank and Patrik Riklin’s Null Stern Hotel is located in the middle of the Alps. The intent of creating Null Stern, meaning “Zero Star” in German, was to contemplate the meaning of the hotel. By erecting a hotel in the most unexpected of spaces, the 

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