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Overlap of Meaning

Haute Couture Bedding
2.8x2.45 m
9.1x8 ft
Material_ Cotton, Feather, Swarovski Crystal
This bespoke bedding is composed of a gorgeous mix of feathers, gems, jewelry, fur, and golden fabric. It moves away from generic prêt-à-porter (ready-to-wear) characteristics and replaces it with a contradictory elegance and extravagance—capturing the Manor as an haute couture symbol of desire. The coexistence of different spaces creates a heterotopia that is both ironic and subversive. Through the placement of objet d’art and fine refurbishing, this bespoke bedding offers a new perspective by redefining the bedroom.

Crown Goose Art Foundation - Overlap of Meaning
Crown Goose Art Foundation - Overlap of Meaning



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