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Goose Down vs Duck Down - What Should You Buy

Goose Down or Duck Down?

This is the questions you will be asking yourself once you start shopping for bedding products. People talk about “down products” being good but there’s fill power, quality of down, thread count and so many things to consider, you’re starting to feel a little lost. Fear not - let’s dive in and clear some things up.

What Is Better?

As you may have guessed it, goose down products have a higher value compared to duck down. But that’s not to say it’s absolute - very high quality duck down duvet may be better than an mediocre goose down duvet.

Goose Down vs Duck Down - What Should You Buy

Is There a Big Difference?

Fill Power (= Insulating Power)

Both goose down and duck down comforters provide similar insulation as they both share similar structure that provides insulation. However, it’s said that duck down comforters have about 87% of the insulating power that goose down comforters have. Currently, the highest fill power of goose down products is roughly 1,000 FP and usually at extremely prices. Crown Goose offers high-end 875 FP goose down products that will keep you warm for a long time.


There is no major difference between goose down and duck down when it comes to durability. Rather, the durability of down comforters are largely affected by the down’s fat and oil content, and can vary from one season to another as factors such as weather, bird condition, feed, etc. can cause the fat and oil content in birds to be different.

What you should be aware of is how a manufacturer processes down to optimize fill power, durability and cleanliness. As such, all Crown Goose products go through 14 cleansing cycles and have 1000mm+ turbidity confirming the cleanliness of our down product.


Keep in mind, however, that even the cleanest down products, whether it’s goose or duck, may have a slight odor depending on your sense of smell. Some fat and oil content is necessary to allow the resilience and pliability of down products, which may cause the minimal odor - if this is the case for your with any of Crown Goose products, simply air them out and the odor should be gone within a day.

Goose Down vs Duck Down - What Should You Buy

Goose Down vs Duck Down - What Should You Buy

The Conclusion

Both goose and duck down comforters can be excellent choices when considering a bedding purchase. It’s recommended that you read up on how these products are manufactured and processed to make the best choice for you. Crown Goose provides such details on product pages, and we welcome any questions you have when it comes to purchasing your bedding duvets and covers.

Though many high-quality duck down comforters have been made available over the recent years, goose down is generally considered superior to duck down. Crown Goose has sought out to resolve some of the dilemma, especially when considering budget, by provide luxury down bedding at affordable prices. We will continue to work towards the goal of helping to make everyone’s sleep extraordinary.



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