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You’ve all heard (and felt!) by this point - we’re breaking records all over the country with this heat. Sure, keeping the AC on will help but it won’t help with your wallet. Let’s consider some other creative or tried-and-true ways to stay cool (or less hot) during the hot summer.
7 Tips to Surviving (And Sleeping Through) the Heat Wave

1. Cotton is the King

Save the satin, silk and polyester sheets for colder days. Bed linens made with pure cotton, like these cover sets and fitted sheets from Crown Goose, are lightweight and breathable and can really help with the airflow and ventilation in your bedroom. (And don’t forget about your pillows - where your head that lets your body heat escape lies.)

7 Tips to Surviving (And Sleeping Through) the Heat Wave

2. Freezer is for Ice Cream… and Your Sheets

Freezer is where you keep things cold so use it to keep your sheets cold. Yes, the coldness won’t last hours but it definitely will cool you down a bit so you don’t shower in sweat after your shower. Put your Crown Goose sheet in a zippable plastic bag (to keep the smell away), place it in a freezer for a few minutes before you go to head. Lay it out and breathe in the welcomed chill.

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3. Drink Up

A cup of cool water will keep you hydrated even with all the sweating and tossing through the night. Keep it to about a cup unless you want to face the 3 a.m. debate of whether to get up for the bathroom.

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4. Go Au Naturel

There’s some debate on this as expected. For some, it’s the way to sleep all seasons; others believe this actually prevents the sweat from being absorbed by the pajama fabric. Test it out and let us know what works for you!

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5. Two Isn’t Always Better

Take that you couples. I mean apologies, all dear couples. You guessed it - spooning or just being close increases the body heat, making the air around you stuffy. So… claim your side, stat! Better yet, create a wall with Crown Goose down pillows. Also for those with smaller beds all to yourselves, Crown Goose will be offering twin size down duvets and cover sets very soon. Stay tuned.

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6. Get Low, Low, Low, Low

Hot air rises so get down and lower. If your bedroom is on a higher floor, grab your Crown Goose comforter or maybe just the pillow and get downstairs. If your apartment is on a top floor, floor might be the better option.

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7. Turn off and Unplug

Light bulbs give off heat. So do all your electronic devices. Keep them off whenever possible and use as much of the summer daylight as possible. It’s also good for the wallet as well (double win).

7 Tips to Surviving (And Sleeping Through) the Heat Wave

Beat the summer heat wave these quick and easy tips and breathable sheets and duvets from Crown Goose. Share your thoughts and ideas with comments.



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