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If you think about it, we spend a good amount of our life in our bed. (Netflix and chill, anyone?) So we talk about getting a good mattress, a good duvet and a good pillow. What about sheets?

How to Choose the Right Sheets 101

  With so many options to choose from, and with so many marketplaces that offer them, choosing the right bed sheets for you can seem more difficult than necessary. Several new bedding companies have emerged like Crown Goose, who are making luxurious bedding more and more appealing to even the budget-conscious folks. Instead of poor quality at cheap prices, that may not last too long anyway, Crown Goose offers fine quality bedding selection using high-quality fabric and craftsmanship.

Let’s dive into few details to look into if you’re in the market for new sheets.

Thread Count - The Hot Keyword

Every company wants to entice you with high thread count. But is it really as good as they say? And is the price worth it? To summarize, higher thread count does not necessarily make for softer, better quality sheets.

How to Choose the Right Sheets 101
Feat. Jardin Collection, Beige

Why Is That?

Thread count (“TC”) refers to the the amount of woven threads that make up one square inch of the fabric, combining the horizontal threads (called “weft”) and vertical ones (“warp”). This number normally ranges from 150 up to 1,000 or more in fabrics like silk. But when it comes to cotton, like for all Crown Goose products, you need to be looking at more than just the TC number.

When producing sheets, only so many threads can fit on a loom. Many experts say 400 to 600 threads per inch is ideal. However, because TC is often used as part of a marketing tactic, some add extra threads by twisting them into the weft, increasing the TC number but providing no values in terms of adding to softness or durability. You may even find yourself wondering why 1,000 or more TC sheets pills and seems fragile to touch.

All that to say, focus on the fabric itself. Fabric used should be of durable fiber and if you wanted to dig deeper, with marks like 100S Cotton, which denotes the fineness of the fabric (contributing to the softness of your sheets) can also be considered.

Down to the Sheet Fabric

With thread count aside, there’s no question when it comes to softness or durability that the best cotton sheets are Percale and Sateen. Sateen used in Crown Goose bedding products is the closest fabric you can get that provides the silky satin feel without being very fragile. It’s also naturally wrinkle-resistant, helping to create a clean, organized look in your bedroom.

How to Choose the Right Sheets 101
How to Choose the Right Sheets 101
Considering the amount of time you spend in bed, plus the importance of quality sleep, you may be doing yourself a favor by choosing or upgrading to premium bedding. Crown Goose offers a wide variety of designs in cover sheets and fitted sheets, made with premium cotton material so head on over and see what suits you. If you’re not already, follow us on Instagram for style inspirations.



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