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You’re moving. You just got married. Or maybe you’re just looking to splurge a little on yourself. Whatever you’re reason may be, you’ve been staring at down duvets, alternate duvets, down comforters, covers and so on for hours without any idea of what you’re really look for.
Let’s break it down.


How Warm Do You Like It?

If you’re like me, you sleep with the electric pad on even during summer (because you know, it gets cold during the night!). Others are just fine with one light layer to cover them because they can’t stand the weight of any more crushing down on them (according to my husband). Since down duvets and comforters come in a variety of weights and fills, it’s important to note how you like to sleep. Most down comforters will give you an easy indication with their warmth rating (cool, warm, very warm and so on). Crown Goose luxe bedding brand offers duvets in various warmth levels - you can view them here.


How Big Is Your Bed?

Get out that measuring tape. Though the size of your bed will give you a good idea of what size down duvet you’ll need, it’s good to check the measurements against the size of the duvet. Duvet sizes may differ from one brand to another; for example, Crown Goose's company’s “Cal King” may fit you better than another’s “King.”


What Exactly Is FP?

FP is a commonly used acronym for “fill power,” which is a term to describe the quality and insulating value of down. Think fill = fluffy. The higher the fill power the more air an ounce of the down can trap, providing superior insulation. Fill power ranges from about 300 to around 900 for the highest quality goose down and Crown Goose products have fill power of 875. Higher FP down breathes better and also lasts longer than lower FP down. So to summarize, if you’re looking at the same rate of warmth but want a lighter duvet, you’d choose one with a higher FP.


Down Duvet vs. Down Comforter?

A down duvet is basically a down comforter without a cover. To keep it clean and for a long time, we recommend you use down duvet from Crown Goose with a duvet cover. The cover may add some weight to the duvet but it will keep the down duvet protected. It’s easier and better to wash the duvet cover as it’s not recommended to wash the down duvet in order to keep their fluffiness and quality. Besides, it’s way more fun to change up the covers every now and then to spruce up the place anyway. Check out all the duvet cover set options by Crown Goose.



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