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Summer is here and that means vacations. Whether it’s a quick getaway to Palm Springs or a week-long fun-cation in Cancun, do you know what is the first thing I do when I get there? Plop down on that fluffy heaven called hotel bed. It’s all sorts of wonderful rolled into one big white fluff. And I love it.


How Are Hotel Beds So Comfy?

It’s a known fact that hotels invest a lot into their beds and sheets - to create an experience that their customers will remember and hopefully come back for. Each hotel has crafted their perfect formula of mattresses, pillows and bed linen that provide the best possible sleep. And Crown Goose has crafted their premium bedding products to match the luxury hotel experience.


Higher Thread Count

Generally speaking, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet. Most luxury sheets are made with pure cotton with a thread count of around 300 or more. Check out Crown Goose's sheets with 500 TC. 


Use a Down Comforter With Cotton Cover

One key secret to hotel bedding is the down comforter. Its fluffiness with breathable cotton duvet cover feel luxuriously smooth and light on your skin during the warmer months but have insulating capacity to keep you warm during the colder months. Down duvet is what gives the feeling of sleeping on the clouds. Crown Goose down duvets with their high fill power and cotton sheets will have you sighing a breath of contentment. 


Go All White

While the thread count of the sheets and the height of the mattresses may differ from one hotel to next, they all seem to have one thing in common - an all white look. They say the color contributes to creating a serene mood and the feeling of newness and cleanliness that immediately puts guests at ease.


More Is More With Pillows

When they say less is more, that certainly does not apply to pillows. Most luxury hotels have at least two to four down pillows decking out the bed, about two fiber filled (synthetic fill including alternative down) pillows, and even few decorative ones. Read more about the importance of choosing the right pillows on Crown Goose's blog.


Quality Counts With Mattress

When it comes to mattresses, you really do get what you pay for. Some hotels have custom mattresses specifically made for them; though it may be hard to ask for a custom mattress for yourself, picking the right mattress with appropriate firmness that works for you will work wonders at the end of the day.


Extra Touches

What you can’t have at the hotels are touches here and there that are your own. They are what you do get to do when it comes to decorating your bedroom. Add the right light, a soft rug at your feet or personal artifacts like framed pictures on your bedside table for a magical night of sleep. For more bedroom inspiration, follow Crown Goose on Instagram.



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