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Let’s talk pillow. Many studies show the importance of sleep so it’s no wonder more and more people are paying attention to their quality of sleep. Sleep really has great impact on both physical and mental well-being and getting the best sleep you can is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And that's why Crown Goose has spent a lot of R&D into creating the best down pillows as possible.


 How Do We Make the Most of the 7, 8 Hours?

If you’ve been paying attention to the details of your sleep environment, you may have noticed the importance of your pillow. Its shape, material, height, just about every little detail of your pillow has an effect on the quality of your sleep. So how do you decide on the best pillow option for you? Read on to find out the science and construction behind Crown Goose down pillows.


Comfort in Every Position

I sleep on my side, my husband sleeps on his stomach. Generally speaking, a person tosses and turns 20-30 times on average during their sleep. Consequently, your pillow should be designed to accommodate and provide comfort for all positions. We say the design of a pillow is good when the filling is evenly distributed and supports the natural S curve of the cervical vertebral. Down pillow from Crown Goose is constructed with three layers with high fill power that is able to contain air and provide that support needed whatever your sleep position.

Science Behind the Design

As a general rule, avoid pillows that are too hard or too soft. Too hard pillows press against your nerves and can disrupt blood flow, whereas too soft pillows do not provide enough support for your neck and backbone. Crown Goose’s down pillows have a three-layer structure where the top and bottom layer that comes in contact with your head is just supple enough, with the middle layer filled with goose feather for bearing power. Its height of 760g is the standard height used in most luxury hotels and resorts for the utmost comfort.


Made for All Seasons

Another important factor when it comes to good pillows is their breathability and absorptiveness. The human head serves a big role in eliminating the body heat and the material of the pillow can help transfer that heat. Goose down with its air permeability and fill power is excellent in maintaining the heat during winter and allowing the air flow during the hotter months. Crown Goose uses only the premium goose down from Poland for the best quality sleep you can have.

Pillow can really break or make your sleep so make sure you understand your needs and the material of your preference for your pillow. Sleep extraordinarily!



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