• Kenneth Sørensen

    Kenneth Sørensen

    Kenneth is an industry expert and our go to partner for discussions regarding the latest news and trends. Although settled in Denmark, he travels the world spreading knowledge news about goose down. Krone Gås fra DANMARK 

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  • Sjoerd ter Borg & Mark Jan van Tellingen

    Sjoerd ter Borg & Mark Jan van Tellingen

    Sjoerd and Mark and have studied the changing of a city through artificial intelligence that captures the images of an era. In this work, “Beach Umbrella”, they observe the gradual vanishing of the eponymous object and the transience of time.

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  • Amay Kataria

    Amay Kataria

    An undergraduate of engineering at Virginia Tech, you also studied media art at Seattle Community College of Gage Academy of Arts. It could be inferred that your blend of knowledge from both fields enables you to make unique works of art. 

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