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Kenneth Sørensen | Goose Down Expert 

Kenneth is an industry expert and our go to partner for discussions regarding the latest news and trends. Although settled in Denmark, he travels the world spreading knowledge news about goose down.

Krone Gås fra DANMARK
Thank you for sharing your time to meet your international audience. With this interview, we hope to spread facts and improve public knowledge on goose down comforters.


1. As you know, goose down duvets and comforters are luxury items with historical significance and practical importance. How does one take care of luxury goose down duvets such as Crown Goose of Denmark for long term use?

Well, the funny part is that we are from time to time contacted by people who say they have duvets that are over 20 years old and now they need to replace it. 20 years of use is only possible with daily maintenance and care. Daily maintenance means you shake the duvet, you take it outside and let it breathe, and that you wash it on a regular basis.

2. What is your advice for choosing the right duvet and/or comforter?

To find the right duvet is not an easy task. You can find light duvets, you can find medium duvets, you can find winter duvets—but as a general rule, you could say that if you are a hot person (if you wear a jacket), then you might need a warm duvet. If you a person who always wears t-shirts and shorts, then you probably need a light duvet.

3. What is the story behind Crown Goose of Denmark?

Crown Goose of Denmark is a brand that was originally invented for the Scandinavian area. In Scandinavia we normally have a very very cold winter. So that was the reason why we invented this brand. The brand right now is sold in high-end specialty stores. The main market for this brand was Norway, but now it is targeting global buyers.

4. What is the history and origin of goose down duvets and comforters?

Actually, it has been proven that the history of sleeping with duvets goes more than 1000 years back. In the beginning it was only made for the rich and noble ones, but it has since changed and now the duvet is used by all regular people.


5. How did Europe become a powerhouse for goose down duvets and comforters?

Actually, down (or down duvets in general) has been used for more than 1000 years in Europe. Due to the cold winters in Europe, people need to find a way to get even more warm. And because of that they start using goose down duvets because goose down itself has the best insulation ability.

6. What are the merits of goose down duvets and comforters? Can you relate sleep quality to one’s vitality or brain function?

It is scientifically proven that good sleep has an impact on daily life. You spend a third of your daily life in bed so why jeopardize good sleep?


7. What percent of the European population do you think uses goose down duvets and comforters? Why do you think such a high population uses goose down duvets and comforters?

Well in Europe you see that the majority of people nowadays—they use down duvets. But in order to get the best sleep we recommend goose down because they are the softest and lightest down.

8. Denmark is known as a creative hub that has produced a multitude of unique designs. How did Denmark become a leading country for art and design works?

In Denmark we don’t have any natural resources. So instead we focus on knowledge, we focus on innovative things, and we focus on creativity. And by that, also saying that we are very proud of all these famous designs that we have in Denmark.

9. Why is animal welfare important?

We have a clear ethical guideline, and animal welfare is one of the keystones of this. We can assure you that all of these animals that have been supporting us with these nice down feathers have had a happy life—and with a happy life, you can have a nice sleep.

No matter what era we live in, the value of quality sleep will always remain unchanged. That is why deep sleep is our core value.From the past, present and to the future, Crown Goose will continue to Cherish its unchanging value as a premium bedding brand. We craft your sleep with the finest goose down and fabrics from around the world.