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Sultan Cave Suites

The 'Sultan Cave Suites' in Europe offer a unique experience for modern travelers. Unlike other premium hotels, the Cappadocia region's classic value is interpreted as a modern sensory experience. If you wake up in the morning, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the hot air balloon through the suite window. Sultan Cave Suites Terrace also offers panoramic views of Europe with the Erciyes Mountains and rivers.


- Interviewee -

Hotel Manager


What was design inspiration for Sultan Cave Suite?
Using the local geography and culture to create a luxury hotel.

Who are your target customers? 
Our hotel has worldwide appeal for anyone interested in unique settings, and luxury accommodations.

What is unique about your property?
It has the unique combination of breathtaking view, fine dining, and luxury amenities. We also are known for #thefamousrooftop.

What are the most important decorative elements in your hotel?
Infusing cultural items as décor

How do you define modern luxury? 
The best materials used to make the best products. Unique, gorgeous settings, service above all else. Reaching far beyond expectations.

If you only have 72 hours in Goreme, Turkey, what would you recommend doing or seeing?
I would recommend seeing local underground cities, taking a hot air balloon ride, eating at our restaurant, Seten, for authentic Turkish cuisine, visiting the Open Air Museum which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, visiting a local winery for a tasting and doing some hiking through the valleys all within walking distance to the hotel. 




What was important about having goose down bedding in your property? 
It is a worldwide luxury item. With our cave rooms, it would seem the best choice.

What do you think are the three most important features in luxurious goose down duvet (design, origin of down, origin of fabric, place of manufacture, filling weight and etc)? 
Fabric material quality, quality of down, no use of harsh chemicals.

What features of Crown Goose design do you like? 
I love the texture of the fabric and the weight.

What does it feel like to wrap yourself in Crown Goose? 
It is extremely soft and cool to begin with. Light, but warm.

Do you feel the difference between Crown Goose Kageyama Sateen Fabric from normal cotton fabric? If yes, please elaborate.
Yes I did feel the difference. I was able to experience the product in hot and chilly weather. Unlike my cotton duvets, I found your product kept the heat a little too much. I prefer the consistent coolness of high thread count cotton.

What does good night's sleep mean to you? 
It is all about bedding. Even when I go camping, I take my best bedding, which includes my cotton goose duvets. 



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