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Japanese Ryokan Hyakuna Garan


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Kayoko Ikeda
Deputy Manager of Hyakuna Garan

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Could you please introduce your hotel career?

I’m in my 6th year as a hotel staff, including 3 years as a deputy manager.

How did you get into the hotel industry?

Always attracted to the hospitality industry, and my island Okinawa has been the well travel destination.
Hotel business was perfect for me as a combination of those factors.

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What does luxury mean to you?

Utmost relaxation with nature, still with plenty of comfort

How long do you sleep a day on average?


As an experienced hotelier, you must have become an expert about of hotel beddings. 
What are the most important features you look at when choosing bedding for yourself?

comfort just like sleeping in your own bed.

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What is the difference between hotel bedding and normal bedding?

Texture that makes guests find it luxury.

What do you think is the average sleeping hours for normal Japanese?

5-6hours? Almost same as me..

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What does good night's sleep mean to you?

Refreshing morning awake without feeling hurt in any part of your body...

Did Crown Goose change your sleeping pattern at all?

It was fine, very comfortable.

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What do you think are the three most important features in luxurious goose down duvet?

Design, origin of down, origin of fabric.

* This interview was conducted by deputy manager of Hyakuna Garan, Kayoko Ikeda. This interview may not reflect the official view of Hyakuna Garan.

The bedding being used 

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The Past, Present and Future of Luxury