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Introducing the 5-star hotel Grand Hilton,
awarded with 3 consecutive years of grand prizes for consumers’ choice hotel
and the grand prize for the 2017 Grand Hilton customer satisfaction.

With a luxurious scenery reminiscent of a painting,
it will become an urban haven presenting you with a classy relaxation.


Manager of Grand Hilton


Please briefly introduce Grand Hilton.


Grand Hilton boasts itself of fresh air and luxurious scenery that is rarely found in urban hotels. We provide services customized to customers through diverse seasonal rooms and food & drinks promotions and operate free shuttle buses stopping at various tourist attractions. We possess the largest convention center into the local region and have an above-ground and underground parking lot able to take up to 1,000 cars.


Who are the main customers of Grand Hilton?


Our hotel is visited by customers of various ages, from 30 to 60.
In particular, recently there has been a noticeable increase in family customers in their 30s and 40s coming with their children. Last summer, we were praised for various promotions targeted at our kids customers, such as ‘Kids’ Summer Glamping Package’ where they can enjoy glamping in their rooms, to ‘Kid’s Lounge’ where they can freely run and play and the ‘Summer Forest Photo Zone,’ where safari animals are gathered in one place.


To be called an ‘urban haven within the city,’ there must be a unique concept and philosophy differentiating Grand Hilton from other hotels. What are the unique concept and service philosophy that can only be felt at Grand Hilton?


With a clear view overlooking the local mountains, it more difficult to find locations with a better view than our hotel. We present a charm that cannot be felt within a city. Compared to other 5-star hotels, we boast ourselves of larger rooms, and we provide a fresh stay environment where you can feel the outer air from indoors through the windows in the hotel.

Rather than providing monotonous room designs, we designed each room uniquely, so that you can have a new experience every time. At places like the restaurant and swimming pool, we actively use lighting so that you can rest while fully enjoying nature. One of our hotel’s charm is that you can directly feel the charms of the four seasons.
Another healing point is that you can conveniently visit hot tourism places within 10 minutes by taking the shuttle.


You received the ‘Best Brand Award’ in the hotel convention category from authoritative media. What makes the Grand Hilton Convention Center stand out?


The Grand Hilton Convention Center is the only convention center that is an independent building with a hotel, sized at 4 stories above ground and 3 stories underground and possessing a large convention hall capable of accommodating up to 2,500 people.

People can conveniently move from hotel rooms to meeting halls through a passage connected with the hotel, being a unique business space with space and system to host large convention events. There are variously sized seminar rooms and banquet halls, serving the role as the best business platform for various events.

The concept of the hotel is moving from that of lodging and rest to that of a multiplex. Is Grand Hilton following this trend and transforming into a multiplex with galleries, libraries, and kids’ lounges?


As there has been an increase in people who think of ‘staycation’ when they hear ‘hotel’, the purpose of customers visiting hotels has become more diverse. They do not expect an entertainment space that goes beyond space for rest and satisfies the leisure and cultural needs. In line with such customer needs, our hotel is also trying various ideas to transform into a lifestyle platform. 

We are working to provide our customers with new fun and memories by transforming previously unused spaces into new cultural spaces or experience spaces, such as the smart art gallery <The H-Gallery> created in collaboration with Samsung Electronics, the <E-Book Zone> prepared into the lobby for customers’ convenience, and the <Kids’ Lounge> created in brand collaboration with Designskin.


What do you consider most important when selecting bedding materials for a deluxe hotel?


We consider the quality provided to customers as the foremost attribute.
We try on and discuss the products to make sure that they snugly cover the body for a comfortable sleep and that they have a soft texture.



We are curious about how you began planning the Crown Goose Special Suite Package.


We planned this package so that you can experience a movie-like ‘Christmas’.
In order to present a perfect Christmas, we prepared various settings to enliven the feeling of Christmas, a cake for a small party for two, Christmas special wine, as well as a surprise gift.

The most important of all was the comfortable bedding to provide a perfect rest.
Because Crown Goose uses premium fabrics and the highest-quality Polish goose down, we considered it as a brand most suited to provide customers with luxury in daily life.

Polish goose down has a rich history of over 100 years and prides itself on the highest quality, so we judged that it will be able to provide our customers with a cozy time as if lying on a cloud.



Please describe the junior suite, selected as the Crown Goose Special Suite.


You can enjoy the scenery of Grand Hilton from various angles through the windows located at all four sides.
The super king bed set up in the junior suite provides an ever more comfortable rest. Also, you can enjoy the executive lounge privileges, so that you can feel the class of Grand Hilton.

Is there a reason you selected the Cordon Collection (Navy) among the diverse Crown Goose collection?


The BI color of Grand Hilton, navy, and the tone and manner of the ‘Crown Goose Cordon Collection’ go very well together. The calm navy color gives a composed feeling to provide a modern mood, and the details and luxuriousness of the embroidery of the Cordon Collection add to the value.
We selected the ‘Cordon Collection (Navy)’ because we felt that it can perfectly express the charms of Grand Hilton, aspiring for comfortable premium.


Do you have a tip for us to perfectly enjoy Grand Hilton?


At Grand Hilton, you can fully feel the charms of the four seasons. You can enjoy a new feeling at Grand Hilton Seoul when it is sunny, raining, snowing, blooming with cherry blossoms, or when maple leaves are falling. A bit like the stuffiness of daily life is blown away? Once you enter the hotel lobby, all worries and concerns dissipate.
It can also feel like you’ve traveled far away.

I recommend you to unpack your luggage and have a swim. The ceiling is made of glass, so you can enjoy the lighting and weather with warm sunlight in the spring, or with softly falling snow in the winter.

Afterward, I recommend that you take your time to look through the promotions for each restaurant and enjoy a meal you prefer.

You become a bit happier after having food made with fresh ingredients and created by expert chefs. You can make for an even richer dinner by closely checking and enjoying the happy hour and live performance times. The next day, you can enjoy a perfect staycation by going to see local towns by using our shuttle, whichever you prefer.


What kind of space do you want Grand Hilton to approach customers as? Please give any special messages you wish to deliver to customers.


We wish to give you a feeling of a real journey within daily life, beyond just a static healing space.
We will do our best to create a healing space where you can enjoy both classic charms and trendy pleasures.


The Past, Present and Future of Luxury