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Introducing the company housing project of a global conglomerate,
created by Crown Goose and Urban Nomad.


Jinny Jang 


What kind of company of creative group Urban Nomad?


Urban Nomad Design Studio is a creative organization planning cultural contents across food, clothing, and shelter that we want to sympathize and share, thus proposing a better lifestyle. We promote appealing life values through challenging and creative collaborations with customers and partners in various fields.


We are curious about the interior of the global company’s penthouse.
Please describe the living and dining space.


In line with the client’s preference for the natural feeling of hardwood, we put a lot of effort in finding high quality hardwood. The dining table was made by acquiring North American walnut, the highest quality wood having gone through years of drying so that there is no distortion over time, transformed into an even more dignified dining table through the detailed work of the master wood craftsman with the hands of a god. The reddish tint characteristic of American walnut may look a bit old, so we revised the surface tone with the minimal amount of work so that it blends in harmoniously with the interior finish of the internal space.


Among those, the unique but simple table legs have caught our eyes. How were they created?


The table legs, intended to support the large-sized hardwood top, used metallic materials to support the weight stable, while in a simple form so as to not appear crude or interfere with the chairs.
We mixed and matched different finishing materials of the latest trends, creating a satisfactory table with a harmony between the natural feel of hardwood and the sophisticated and smooth feel of the golden metal.


We want to know about the furniture placed in the calm living room, appropriate for the dignity of the penthouse.


For the living room furniture, we placed a leather sofa of the main color of natural warm-gray tone, accented with a refreshing but unobtrusive light camel-colored single-person armchair.
The sofa table was created as a two-layered circular table so that it can be layered depending on the use, and senses were added with a marble finish of unique patterns.


Because it is a living space for external customers and employees, there must have been many things to pay close attention to. Please describe what you were concerned with the most.


The master bedroom for VIP guests has the bedroom and living room separated so that it is cozy but protective of privacy, where a slim single-person armchair and table were placed in consideration of the compact space. It may be difficult to work to style a space targeted at an uncertain number of people because satisfaction depends on personal preferences.
But we were able to successfully complete this project by doing our best in the belief that high quality and complete details are always right.


The curtains blending in with the mood of each space of the penthouse are impressive.
Please describe in detail the curtains placed differently for each space.


Because the living room is a special place giving the first impression, we applied an accent curtain that is calm but not monotonous. A unique point with volume and rhythm was created by interconnecting broadly cut doubly weaved fabric of toned-down brownish colors. In the master bedroom, where floor materials of natural-tone oak-patterned wood and herringbone, a soft blue-tone embroidery-patterned curtain was applied for a refined classical feeling.
The guest bedroom, where diverse visitors will stay, was designed with monochrome gray two-tone curtain and modern bedding accented with silver lines, to give the feeling of a cozy but tidy hotel room. 


Is there a special reason you have chosen Crown Goose for the bedroom bedding?


To sleep comfortably, it’s important what kind of materials the bedding is made of. So we chose products from Crown Goose, whose products are loved by many people for their recent luxurious hotel-like goose down bedding. We thought goose down bedding would all be similar, but after actually feeling them with our hands, we discovered that the soft texture of the 100% pure cotton is indeed different. We found out the reason it is loved by so many celebrities and customers.

We applied a modern design to the bedding, with simple line accents and a white cover.


Lastly, please tell us how you feel about this work.

We shared our knowledge in space styling through our collaboration with premium brands, and it was a pleasure to work to add more elegant style to Penthouse.



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