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2022. 11. 12
1224 Beverwil Dr, Los Angeles, USA







A royal warrant brand with a storied history, Crown Goose participated as an official sponsor at the Italian Excellence Gala Awards held in Beverly Hills—a city known to many around the world as a symbol of wealth—and aroused every single one of the five senses by delivering a banquet adorned with pristine splendor.









Hosted by the IACCW (Italy-American Chamber of Commerce), the Italian Excellence Gala Awards is a luxury event that aims to wrap up the year in the most splendid, beautiful way possible. This year’s event featured the likes of global celebrities such as Alessandro Del Piero—captain of Juventus F.C. and world-renowned striker—and Bianca Balti, the face of the Italian luxury brand Dolce & Gabbana.      










The gala show’s harmonized dress code added a further touch of elegance to the red carpet, coming alongside a dinner put together with the magic of a star chef to put the finishing touches on an award ceremony for brands that took another powerful, pioneering step toward moving beyond borders and promoting world culture as a whole.









Following its participation of the Virtuoso of Tapestry—which was officially sponsored by AMCHAM (American Chamber of Commerce in Korea)— as a partner company, Crown Goose once again held a privilege of participating the Italian Excellence Gala Awards as a partner company, and established a social economy network between the US and Italy and fostered constructive discussions regarding how to seek quality exchange between culture and the arts.







A global brand that has opened up a new horizon for luxury living all around the world, Crown Goose embodies the true value of pristine R&R as the central foundation upon which opinion leaders march toward a new future and around which our world continues to turn.


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