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2022. 11. 16.
The Avalon, Hollywood, USA




Global luxury bedding brand Crown Goose which had the honor of serving as an official sponsor of the 2022 Hollywood Music in Media Awards—a multimedia music awards ceremony that gets the dramatics flowing in a myriad of different genres—casted a Mantra that took the field beyond the boundaries of high-living and into the vast, expansive world of art.







Widely considered to be an advance look at future winners of the Oscars—the largest film awards show in the United States—this year’s Hollywood Music in Media Awards featured the likes of world-renowned pop star Rihanna, who made her return after a 6-year hiatus with the soundtrack for the 2022 release Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, as well as Terrance Blanchard, who has won five Grammy Awards for jazz.

These media artists are masters at infusing their music with human emotions to maximize immersion in video, and their fateful encounter with Crown Goose symbolizes another level of artistic perfection achieved through harmony in both music and life based on a level of freedom that lies outside of the bounds of formality.
Now is the time to set out with Crown Goose on a journey toward a high-end lifestyle that is born anew with every passing day, capturing the most beautiful moments of all things and sublimating these moments into long-lasting aesthetic beauty.
The Past, Present and Future of Luxury