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2022. 10. 11 – 2022. 10. 15








After New York, Paris, Milan and London, Seoul Fashion Week is one of the top 5 fashion weeks in the world. Always the main draws in the event, the yearly Seoul Collection—the largest collection in Korea and a fashion show by top designers—and the Generation Next collection, which aims to bring up the next generation of design leaders, were once again turning heads all across the globe.








The 2023 S/S Seoul Fashion Week featured a large number of ready-to-wear items that emphasized sustainability, which has recently become a hot topic in the fashion industry.







The special connections had between the main artists at Seoul Fashion Week included the likes of monotone master Slingstone, high-end street fashion brand D-Antidote, and top classical aesthetic designer Chang Kwang-Hyo. These groundbreaking collaborations led to the beautiful blossoming of Crown Goose’s sensuous art pieces, and the world couldn’t help but notice the pieces’ seamless incorporation of two different areas as they ushered in a wave of new innovation.







Active all over the world, Crown Goose’s luxury collections are endowing countless artists with new inspiration for their creative processes, and the pristine, luxury R&R they provide is something you truly won’t want to miss.







Carrying a torch that burns bright with the brilliant history and honor of the British royal family, royal warrant brand Crown Goose collaborated with 2023 S/S Seoul Fashion Week to present its forward-thinking vision and take the next step toward the future of the fabric industry.





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