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2023. 07. 11.
Nightingale Plaza, Hollywood


Global luxury brand Crown Goose has become an official sponsor of the pre-gala ceremony for the ESPYs, one of the United States’ top 4 entertainment awards that generates interest all around the world.


Hosted by a myriad of top celebrities including Stephen Curry, Anthony Mackie, and Tracy Morgan, the ESPY Awards provides multi-level inspiration through sports, a field packed full of the language of true dynamism, by highlighting the achievements of the champions and their tremendous performances.

Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes and Olympic alpine skier Mikaela Shiffrin stood proudly at the top of the pack with their newly collected Best Athlete awards.

Global luxury bedding brand Crown Goose infuses the relaxation philosophy of world-class sports stars into bedding, helping customers experience a day of true perfection.

Get a glimpse of the artistic insight that Crown Goose has unearthed at global sports events like horseback riding—synonymous with luxurious R&R—as well as golf, ballet, and American football.

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