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2023. 11. 9.
Jonathan Club, Los Angeles, USA

As a royal warrant brand, we at Crown Goose have continued to enhance and extend our value, with our latest accomplishment being recognized as part of the New Ivy and helping to support the prestigious USC (University of Southern California) Awards Gala, Living Our Legacy, which serves as a long-standing historical moment for the state of California.

In so doing, we were provided with the opportunity to make a fitting tribute to the honorable mission and magnificence that go hand in hand with a pioneering vision.




Already celebrating its 10th anniversary, Living Our Legacy shines the spotlight

on female leaders in Los Angeles who have enjoyed triumphant success

while honoring the distinct values these women hold as high-ranking officials or entrepreneurs. With this celebration of dynamic inclusivity, Living Our Legacy epitomizes

the spirit of noblesse oblige within its prestigious garden,

heaping well-deserved praise on these individuals for their unique values and successes.



Crown Goose has had the honor of consistently undertaking Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects with figures such as Alicia Keys, who won 15 Grammy Awards for her mega-hit “Girl On Fire,” and prestigious American institutions such as top 10 universities Duke University and UCLA.

Through our pioneering spirit, Crown Goose continues to embody the unique spirit of luxury by showcasing a strong belief in goodness all around the world.



By experimenting with showcasing the rich history of the past and present, we at Crown Goose have continued to achieve rich genre expansion as a global high living brand. Now focused on delivering a future-oriented culture and filling up the deep annals of these storied times, we are ready to create a positively accentuated space for the heroes of our era. 




The Past, Present and Future of Luxury