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2023. 10. 20.


Forever pursuing the absolute value of art, Crown Goose is building a unique artistic language system with a diverse array of artists. In doing so, the royal warrant brand is working to expand its global network that lies at the intersection of technology and art as an official sponsor of the residency program at Art Center Nabi, the largest media art institution in South Korea.

The Nabi Artist Residency is an exchange agreement platform paving the way for the creation of unique narratives in digital art by collaborating with global artists from a myriad of cultural backgrounds.

This year, the Misk Art Institute, the leading art organization in Saudi Arabia (the richest country in the Middle East), announced their project “The Line” to design a cutting-edge futuristic city with a length of 170 km across a desert valley and 500 m above sea level. The organization selected the Nabi Artist Residency as its partner for the project and shared part of the creative spark that will light the fire for future scientific partnerships.

Having long collaborated with leading media art authorities from around the world and creating mystical shapes by merging art, science, video, and music to elevate culture to a new dimension, Art Center Nabi used the 2023 Artist Residency Showcase at the ISEA (International Symposium on Electronic Art) media art festival as a platform to establish an interactive space with a variety of open-source technologies.

Now unveiling the New Art Foundation for the S/SS and F/W seasons by layering rich elements one on top of the other, Crown Goose has sparked intense cognitive paradoxes that transcend everyday notions by way of Projection Mapping Art Bedding: The Digital Tapestry, stemming from the brand’s journey through the world of media art featuring ISEA and Nabi Artist Residency.

Now, alongside Crown Goose, you can experience artists' identities and newly ignite your artistic senses with the realm of space as your medium.

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