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2023. 05. 16.
Cathedral of Saint Vibiana, USA





The California Wedding Day's Best of 2023 Awards were held at the Cathedral Chapel of St. Vibiana in Los Angeles, a historic landmark with a rich 150-year history. The event brought together a myriad of prominent figures from the wedding industry, including dress and jewelry designers, photographers, and wedding planners.





A proud trailblazer in wedding trends, this year's black-tie party was inspired by the artistic legacy of Gabrielle Chanel, an iconic pioneer in 20th-century fashion, and featured a dress code that embraced a captivating black and white palette. The event exuded elegance, leaving a long-lasting impression with every moment.





A wedding contains some of the most memorable moments of one’s life story. As a proud partner of the California Wedding Day's Best of 2023 Awards, Crown Goose has created a masterpiece with a dazzling heritage that transcends the common pledge of love by working alongside artists to expand on the concept and capture the most precious moments within these monumental events.



Using the unwavering value of art, Crown Goose has turned both the past and present into a never-ending well of inspiration for its Art Bedding Collection as it prepares to condense its luxury-brand identity and continue on its love-packed journey.

The Past, Present and Future of Luxury