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Nabi Artist Residency 2019: Re,generation


Every year, Crown Goose has officially sponsored Korea's largest media art center 'Nabi', in an effort to promote creative activity and various artwork by new artists.
The Nabi Artist Residency Program, which is managed by Korea's largest media art center Nabi, is a platform promoting exchange and exploration regarding artistic/aesthetic common grounds, with artists of various cultural backgrounds. In order to do so, this program discovers new media artists every year.



The 'V2_Lab for the Unstable Media', a Dutch media art center, brings about change in arts based on media and technology that is prevalent in modern society.
Crown Goose's five-star hotel bedding display instilled new inspiration and creativity to global artists of V2 who had stayed in the residency of the Nabi Art Center, by providing relaxing comfort.
《Nabi Artist Residency 2019: Re,generation》, an exhibition of reports on the results presented by two artists that have been staying in the residency, focuses on questions that view the world 'again' in terms of technology to people who live together in contemporary society.
Amid a technological era where endless change and fast development are the norm, with our way of thinking and our roles having been adjusted to fit such a society, how shall we be able to "regenerate" and "reactivate" our lives, by use of technology?

<Memopol-3>, Timo Toots


Timo Toots is a media artist who pursues his artistic activities in the southern part of Estonia.
His artwork is focused on the study of relations among humans, technology and nature; and though he does not put any limits on the ingredients to create his artwork, most of his work can be seen in the form of a machine. He has majored Computer Engineering in Tartu University and Photography in The Estonian Academy of Arts; and accordingly, his work has been based on analysis of photos, their conceptual traits, and their combination with technology. His artworks have been displayed in more than 50, including Estonia, Europe, Asia and the United States. Timo Toots also was awarded the Golden Nica for Interactive Art; his Memopol-2 which dealt with the theme relating to the information era and personal information, was awarded at the 2012, Prix Ars Electronica.

<Esper>, Jasper van Loenen


Crown Goose is proud to present the works of Jasper van Loenen, a Dutch artist and Timo Toots, an Estonian artist; both creators renowned for being sponsored by Crown Goose.
Jasper van Loenen is a media artist who has engaged in his artworks in Rotterdam. He has put much emphasis on exploring the relations between humans and technology that is used in everyday life, based on open source code technology. The artist's purpose is to induce insight on that process and system, by revealing the hidden aspects of technology that are commonly used. He intends to show substantial significance and purpose as he masters, criticizes, and uses this aspect of technology as a means to create a new purpose of art.
He has specialized in Interaction Design at the ArtEZ Institute for the Arts in Arnhem, and Network Media at Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam.


Nabi Artist Residency

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