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Seoul Auction X Crown Goose


Crown Goose participated in the 2019 Seoul Auction, where world-class arts and luxury brands gathered.
The Trapeze edition of Crown Goose, unveiled at the Seoul Auction, is a masterpiece that captures an artistic signature of the brand.
During the event, the Trapeze edition of Crown Goose drew attention of art collectors through its passion for innovation, creation and art.


Trapeze Royal Navy Edition


Pursuing the harmony of functionality and aesthetics, the Seoul Auction Gangnam Branch Center was planned and designed by the world-renowned architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte and has become a cultural space where people can enjoy art beyond its function as a simple office space.

Jean-Michel Wilmotte studied at École Camondo, and after his graduation, he founded his own agency in 1975, Wilmotte & Associaties, in which he was in charge of various architectural projects including Musée du Louvre, the British Museum, Google Paris Headquarters, Louis Vuitton Headquarters, avenue des Champs-Élysées, Incheon International Airport, and Gana Art Gallery.

Please enjoy the lively scenes of the Seoul Auction, where you can meet the artworks of world-class artists including Marc Chagall, Jeff Koons, David Hackney, Alexander Calder, and Richard Serra and limited edition items of luxury brands such as Chanel, Cartier, Hermes and more.




Preview Exhibition in Seoul Auction Gangnam Center

Marc Chagall

Paysage de Paris



The Trapeze Edition of Crown Goose, unveiled at the Seoul Auction, is a masterpiece that captures an artistic signature of the brand.
After several months of collaborative research and efforts of the Bespoke and Art Foundation team of Crown Goose, they created their own signature pattern, “Trapeze,” which was revealed at the 2019 Brand Party at the Shilla Seoul through a collaboration with artist Park Myung-sun. 
This iconic pattern design of Trapeze, woven by each piece and fragment, symbolizes unchanging artistic values over time. Subtle gloss of luxury silk, a royal navy color, and extensive variation of colors and patterns delicately depict the art of Crown Goose while being inspirational and delivering intensive and creative energy.

Trapeze Edition (Royal Navy)


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