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Flot de Blanc Noir






The Rodeo Street of Beverly Hills is known as the Mecca of premium brands along with 5th Avenue, New York City, and the Champs-Elysees of Paris.
The 2019 BEVERLY HILLS BRAND PARTY <Flot de Blanc Noir> commenced at Crown Goose's Beverly Hills Boutique located in the center of The Rodeo Street.
We reveal some of the spectacular moments of Crown Goose's Beverly Hills Brand Party which decorated the nights of Beverly Hills with splendor.






2019 Brand Party in Beverly Hills



From Leonardo Dicaprio, Taylor Swift to the CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos.
Beverly Hills is a selected town where the houses luxurious of Hollywood celebrities and people out of the top drawer are located, and where five-star hotels and premium brand boutiques can be found.
The Beverly Hills Boutique, where the opening of the brand party of Crown Goose took place, is at the center of the GOLDEN TRIANGLE; the intersection point of the Rodeo Streets crowded with the world's most premium brands such as Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci.
The delicate silhouette of the fabric that resembles the flow of waves.
Crown Goose Beverly Hills Boutique was given its finishing touches by adding its main theme, a signature pattern that is unique to Crown Goose, which gives a whole new interpretation of modern avant-garde art and the aesthetics of paradox.
The party went on private, with Hollywood celebrities and global artists, American super-riches, etc.; its VIP clients from all walks of life on the spot, sharing new inspirations on luxurious lifestyles.





The Blanc Noir is an edition unique to Crown Goose, with a tinge of Crown Goose's artistic senses embedded in its design. Reflecting the ensemble of infinity and finitude created as coincidences drive its way, Blanc Noir reinterprets the black and white, which is the root of all colors, by using the Aleatoric technique.
Praises poured out when our global VIP clients met our new Beverly Hills Boutique- Limited Edition ‘Blanc Noir’, which was unveiled for the first time ever at the Crown Goose’s Beverly Hills Brand party.
The Beverly Hills Boutique- Limited Edition ‘Cushion Lumiere’, which was released along with Blanc Noir, illuminated the party with its fine black velvet fabric and fancy Art-nouveau styled golden details.





Sensuous objets that were placed here and there as well as the colorful displays, added the finishing touches, completing the luxurious, splendid mood of the Beverly Hills Boutique.
As a global luxury bedding brand, Crown Goose shall lead the noble, high-end culture fitted for the dignity of our VIP clients, by offering a whole new lifestyle.



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