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The global hotel chain, Hilton presents the one-and-only Crown Goose Package. Exclusively designed for customers who highly value the comfort of sleep, this package is a collaboration between the luxury bedding brand Crown Goose and the prominent five-star hotel chain, Hilton Hotel.


The package includes Hilton’s largest suite of suites, executive lounge breakfast, swimming pool, fitness & sauna, etc.


All of the suites are furnished with fine pieces from Crown Goose. The brand’s eider down is known as one of the world's most expensive down comforters.  Eider down has been widely used by the royal family. The rooms achieve perfection through with Luna Throw and royal navy color theme, and thus the rooms represent what a five-star hotel can possibly offer. In its living room, decorative elements are further added with the Crown Goose bespoke cushion, specifically designed for the package. What comes in the bathroom is a royal navy colored bathrobe along with premium cotton towels for maximum relaxation and a good night's sleep.







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