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The reason a star represents a general’s rank insignia is that he or she is a fully experienced soldier specializing in every aspect of the military and thus proves to be omnipotent, celestial being.


Let’s take a look at the works and daily life of Robin Akin – the female brigadier general of the U.S. Forces Korea.



Robin Akin


1) You served as the assistant chief of staff for logistics at United States Forces Korea (USFK) and also deputy assistant chief of staff for logistics at South Korea-U.S. Combined Forces Command (CFC), the same position your father in law.  What do you think has changed over 25 years and what did your father-in-law meant to you? 

It was a great opportunity to walk in his footsteps. Some of the issues we had 25 years ago are still issues today in logistics. My father in law Maj. Ge. Akin was my role model and mentor throughout my army career. 


2) Your father-in-law, your husband, brothers-in-law all served in the military at the same time you did. What were some difficulties of having your entire family serve in the military? 

At one time, there were four army colonels on active duty and my father-in-law was a major general (in the extended Akin family)"Our military family probably should receive an award from the president of the United States," she said. "We've served for reasons that many people don't. When you have a husband and a wife and a father-in-law all serving at the same time, and two brothers-in-law are serving side-by-side in the time of combat, it takes a lot to stay in the military and continue to groom and nurture families at the same time."


3) It became a historic moment when you were the only female officer to take part in the Master Parachutist class of 1986. You must have a lot of experience as a role model of breaking down glass ceilings throughout your career. Could you tell us about your most memorable experience?

My most memorable experience is to serve to Republic of Korea and with its Army! It was truly a blessing to learn and experience their culture and it humbled me to serve in the same position as my father in law 25 years after he served the Combined Forces Command and USFK.

 Robin Akin

4) It is known that a great veteran, your father, was lost in the Vietnam War. Did this have any influence on you in joining the ROTC program? 

Lost her husband in Vietnam, at first she didn’t want her daughter to join the military. She didn’t want to have anything to do with it. But before she passed away, she was very proud of me getting promoted to colonel.  My work ethic came from her mother, who held down four jobs to support the family.

I joined the ROTC program in my sophomore year because it grounded me into organization and allowed me to be myself, and also work within a disciplined environment. If it hadn’t been for the ROTC program and mentors that guided me through that, I probably wouldn’t even have graduated from college.

Robin Akin 

5) There are many female officers currently following in your footsteps. Can you give them some good advice?

There was a time when a superior tried to make her go to events where there were female strippers. I just flat out told him I didn't want to do it. And, I got a bad rating out of it. I asked to be transferred to another unit and was deployed to Korea. And, well, he made it to Col., and I made it to Gen. (Laughing). 

 Robin Akin

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