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Global bedding brand Crown Goose has presented a luxury Bespoke that is comprised of mega yachts of the greatest scale in Korea valued over 40 million dollar. Mega yachts are symbols of affluence that can only be possessed by the super-rich of the world, including CEOs of global corporations, super-riches of Russia, and the rulers of Dubai.


The 300t mega yacht with a length of 165ft is Korea’s largest scale yacht ordered by the Mega Yacht Group of America and built by a global super yacht manufacturer. The interior of the yacht has been completed by the Crown Goose Bespoke Team to include luxurious indoor and outdoor facilities such as the quarter deck, BAR, salon, Jacuzzi, etc., and has been designed to allow VIP clients to experience a high end lifestyle on the mega yacht.


Global luxury bedding brand Crown Goose will continue to exhibit a luxury lifestyle of great dignity to present timeless beauty.



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