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Lotte Hotel Seoul, the flagship brand of Lotte Hotels & Resorts—a global leading luxury hotel group with locations in major cities such as the United States, Japan, and Russia—is an urban heterotopia located in Sogong-dong, where history and culture come alive.


Discover the sanctuary of true wellness, the foundation and source of health, at Lotte Hotel Seoul: a serene retreat where holistic well-being and refined luxury come together in perfect harmony.


As a royal warrant brand with a long history of creating bedding collections fit for royalty, Crown Goose offers unparalleled relaxation to travelers at Lotte Hotel Seoul, a venue renowned for its incomparable prestige and distinction, hosting VVIP guests such as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Bill Gates.
This collaboration transcends visual beauty, providing a sanctuary for pristine R&R.


Having already successfully hosted a private brand party at Signiel, Lotte's premier hotel brand, we are continuing to offer high-end lifestyle experiences through distinguished art projects and cultural events, catering to domestic and international celebrities as well as Club Crown VIPs.

 Crown Goose has adorned special suites through collaborations with world-class five-star hotel chains such as Accor, Ascott, and Marriott.


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