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Originating from a Spanish phrase meaning a harmonious village, the Inter-Burgo hotel is a 5-star luxury hotel that allows guests who have the honor of staying in it a chance to get a true taste for unique Spanish structural aesthetics. Its beautiful hardwood has been vividly engraved with the footsteps of time, and this earthly aesthetic is complemented off by a sparkling chandelier that lights up the hotel with the power of 7,000 Swarovsky crystals.










Crown Goose is ready to present a new, special kind of luxury created by joining hands with 5-star hotel chains such as Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Marriott International, and Seamarq Hotel to piece together a dazzling tapestry of memories.







The essence that imbues each and every note emerging from stringed instruments, Niccolò Paganini’s piece Transcendental Variations has been brought to life in visual form, combining with the brilliant golden waves of the De Rang collection to achieve a whole new level of quality R&R never before seen in day-to-day life.








As a royal warrant brand, Crown Goose lives and breathes in tune with the rich history of Europe’s distinguished royal families, and we promise to deliver endless inspiration with our construction of a massive wall of art that exists outside of the bounds of time.



The Past, Present and Future of Luxury