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2022. 12. 31.
Times Square, New York City, USA







Global luxury bedding brand Crown Goose is ready to celebrate the successful completion of New York’s Times Square Ball Drop, a monumental event held annually in the heart of the world’s entertainment industry: Times Square, New York.






The Times Square Ball Drop is a special event that rings in the New Year by dropping a large time ball made of 2,500 crystals and 30,000 LED lights, beautifully decorating the night sky as it goes through its 43-meter descent.

Each and every year, millions of spectators gather in the hope of a new beginning and leave with a thrilling sense of excitement that they’ll never forget.






Having first begun at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, this age-old New Year’s Eve event also features wonderful live performances by world-class artists such as BTS, Mariah Carey, and Taylor Swift.






With the honor of having been an official sponsor of global events held at historic landmarks such as Times Square, Rockefeller Center, and the White House, Crown Goose promises to continue to work closely with our valued customers in this era of beautifully colorful culture and art as we continue to set new standards and trends in the field of high-end living.



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