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2022. 12. 31.
Cornucopia Majesty Yacht, New York City, USA







At the 2022 New York Gatsby yacht dinner party, global luxury bedding brand Crown Goose recently had the honor of pulling back the curtain on a super-luxury yacht as the world's top 0.001% of clients counted down the end to the year of 2022 and readied themselves for more excitement in 2023.






With a pristine view of the NYC skyline, Majesty Cornucopia is a cruise yacht worth tens of millions of dollars. Commonly referred to as a private community for wealthy people all around the world, the largest luxury yacht in the Northeast boasts a size of 30,000 square feet.






Crown Goose had the honor of attending a splendid New Year's Eve party aboard a ship that featured an exquisite combination of elegant melodies created by world-renowned classical artists and an aesthetic dinner that lit up the table. Crown Goose played a crucial part in the creation of a luxury hotel on the sea that set itself apart from standard hotels as it showcased its iconic collection selected for private R&R-focused jets and yachts owned by global leaders.






Crown Goose weaves all-new, wholly unique bedding for each individual person, pioneering the realm of infinite senses. 

Always blazing new trails in the trends of high-end living and emphasizing the value of a good night’s sleep, Crown Goose promises to provide a peaceful haven that is intertwined with the wide world of art.



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