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2022. 07. 13 – 2022. 09. 13







Jian Kwon’s private exhibition was held at the 5-star Vista Walker Hill Seoul hotel, which is situated right in the heart of Seoul and provides a space for both relaxation and art. This oasis of resplendent luxury has long played home to a veritable buffet of artistic prowess encompassing all different aspects of everyday life through the exhibitions put together by a myriad of different artists.






In her role as both an artist and entertainer, Jian Kwon is known as a pioneer that transcends the boundaries that lie between the worlds of music and art as she builds her own world of art through her very own formative language. Always aiming to bring out the historical, philosophical, and artistic value found in every nook and cranny around the world, luxury bedding brand Crown Goose was on the scene for her private exhibition to complement the artist’s generational talent.







The canvases through which Jian Kwon conveys her art hold messages of transcending the boundaries of words and language. These canvases also resemble the artistic values held by Crown Goose, which the luxury bedding brand utilizes on its journey to showcase intangible value through luxury bedding.







Crown Goose is passionate about imbuing the giant canvas of everyday life with art, and the brand is committed to working with artists around the world and supporting them in every step of their creative journeys.






Certain modern artists like Chongmok Yoo and Doomin are the pillars on which the future of modern will be built. Matching these these generation-defining artists step for step is royal warrant brand Crown Goose, unrelenting on its endless search for an artistic utopia and itching to present its masterpiece of immutable luxury.



The Past, Present and Future of Luxury