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2022. 07. 17 – 2022. 09. 11
Bowers Museum, Santa Ana, USA






An unmissable landmark in Orange County, Bowers Museum is renowned as a luxury resort for the upper echelon due in part to its beautiful waves and sparkling golden sand. Recently, this dreamlike oasis played the backdrop to the California Art Club’s 111th Annual Gold Medal Exhibition, and Crown Goose had the honor of being there as an official sponsor.    







For over 100 years, the California Art Club has been transcending borders and delivering artistic messages through paintings, drawings, sculptures, and other works of art.







Among the achievements held by the California Art Club is its annual holding of the Gold Medal Exhibit, which combines the power of masterpieces birthed at the fingertips of masters of realism with docent programs and luxury after-parties to create a space that allows the sharing of flowers of inspiration that bloom just outside of their respective canvases.







Royal warrant brand Crown Goose is able to boldly sail through the unpredictable seas that make up this creative realm thanks to the winds of change blown by generation-defining artists all around the world.






 The first high-living brand to develop an art project at global events that showcase the beauty of art such as the Outsider Art Fair and the LA Art Show, Crown Goose is now ready to add cultural richness to the monotony of everyday life by bringing the power of luxury bedding to a myriad of different fields.



The Past, Present and Future of Luxury