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2023. 01. 10 – 01. 13
Messe Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany







Global luxury brand Crown Goose had the honor of participating in Heimtextil 2023, the world's largest textile expo. The expo was held at a convention center known as Messe Frankfurt in Frankfurt, Germany—a core financial hub in central Europe.






First held in 1971, Heimtextil is the world's largest international textile fair. Known for shedding light on the textile industry and thereby the entire world of flexible beauty that the combination of interior design and architecture creates, the expo is attended by over 3,000 high-end brands from more than 70 countries.






Under the 2023/24 theme of “Textiles Matter,” this year’s expo featured a natural engineering collection curated by London-based future industry research agency Franklin Till. The collection was based around the sustainability and circulation of textile materials—issues that require international attention.






The main hall featured a conference held by experts on the top-tier filler material Eiderdown that re-examined the importance of sleep.






Known for infusing its pristine bedding with the centuries that spanned from King Christian I of Denmark to England’s longest-serving monarch Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away in 1455, royal warrant brand Crown Goose delivered a wholly unique poetic odyssey through its Eiderdown and Cordon Collection Navy as selected by the royal family.






Ever embodying timeless heritage amidst a sea of rapidly changing trends, Crown Goose creates the most ideal spaces by combining the field of high living with all other areas that humans value, including fashion, sports, and literature.






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