Posted on by CROWN GOOSE Team

To celebrate Crown Goose and SK Pinx’s Special Suite Room Package, we’re pleased to announce that we’ll be offering special, limited-edition gifts to SK pinx and Crown Goose customers.
Renowned golf club, SK Pinx has joined hands with Crown Goose, a brand that has continuously set the standard for luxury lifestyles, to create a high-class suite that offers customers exquisite modern elegance.
This premium resort host nothing but the top 0.01% of the world as SK Pinx hotel was selected to 100 best golf course list by the World Golf Awards. Along with the Golf Club, SK Pinx also features 5 star hotel PODO Hotel (designed by master of modern architecture, Itami Jun), and the The Annex Hotel (Known for its vast, panoramic view).
SK Pinx and Crown Goose together promotes Jeju Island’s vast, beautiful nature. The Annex Suite Room decorated with Crown Goose bedding is the perfect place to experience the special beauty of Jeju Island.