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Put Your Bedding Questions to Rest with These Expert Tips

Published on January 29, 2020 - By Lexi Klinkenberg


Have you ever found yourself unable to sleep through the night? Your bedding may be the problem. Sleep is a vital component of every person’s well-being and is often neglected. Finding the perfect bedding for your lifestyle could be imperative to your sleep quality and overall health. That’s why we asked experts from California to New York for their advice on how to choose the perfect bedding for a better night’s sleep.


Crown Goose Duvet


Crown Goose: Not all duvets are made equal. Polyester, feather, and down duvets are among the popular duvet fillings in the market. However, the best of the best, without a single doubt, is ‘goose down’ filling. Lighter yet warmer and cozier than duck down, goose down has a long history of having excellent breathability, allowing good absorption and quick drying. Goose down is multi-seasonal: cool during summer and warm in winter. If maintained properly it can be used for over ten years, making it a practical and long-term purchase. 

Cariloha Bamboo: Look at alternative bedding fabrics that help improve sleep quality, like fabrics made from eco-friendly bamboo.  Bamboo fibers naturally repel unwanted odors, allergens, and toxins. Bedding made from bamboo doesn’t use harsh chemicals or pesticides and can help prevent skin irritations that might flare up when in contact with other chemically treated fabrics.
45th Street Bedding: Temperature regulation does not come from mattresses, it comes from breathable bedding. Many brands try to sell the idea that you’ll sleep cooler with their “special” material, but it’s not true. Sleep temperature is driven by moisture. The average person loses a pint of water every night. How that gets dissipated in the sleep environment determines whether you’re hot and sweaty, or cold and clammy. Our washable wool bedding is proven to reduce temperature-related tossing and turning by 75%. That’s because wool can hold 1/3 of its weight in water without feeling wet. For the same reason you’d hike in wool socks, instead of cotton socks, wool is the perfect bedding material. 
Bedvoyage: A new generation of sleepers are pioneering a need for a new approach to bedding!  Flat sheets have been tossed aside by many, as they prefer a simpler and more casual way of sleeping. A Fitted Sheet, Duvet Cover, and 2 Pillowcases have become the stripped-down version of bedding for those that desire a no-fuss and more relaxed way of sleeping. BedVoyage has created ‘The Bed Bundle’ which includes only what they want, and no more, as we see this becoming a very popular need.
Palmetto: Consider using multiple light-weight bedding layers such as coverlets, blankets, and quilts instead of a bulky comforter or duvet. With multiple lighter-weight layers, you have the option to add and remove bedding layers between summer and winter months or as your preferences change. Lighter-weight bedding items are easy to launder in residential washing machines, and they require less water, less energy, and less time than bulky bedding!
Eucalypso: It’s important to consider the breathability of your sheets and gentleness on your skin. You spend 1/3 of your life in bed – don’t pick something that will trap heat or cause breakouts. Certain fabrics like cotton are woven with minimum breathability, causing heat to get trapped as you sleep, which could cause night sweats and acne. You want to consider sheets from linen, bamboo, or eucalyptus (our eucalyptus sheets wick moisture 70% better than cotton and are antibacterial) to improve the quality of your sleep.
QE Home: With allergy season just around the corner, be sure to wrap yourself in hypoallergenic luxury every night for a good night’s sleep. Silk — a naturally hypoallergenic protein fibre – is a perfect bedding choice and can be found in duvets, pillows, mattress and pillow protectors.
Pure Parima: Bedding produced with cotton is not all made the same. The type of cotton and where it grows affects the length of the cotton fiber. For example, the Nile River Valley has some of the most fertile soil in the world. Cotton grown there will have longer, stronger, and more plush fibers. Looking for Egyptian Cotton when shopping sheets is going to ensure you’re purchasing high quality products that are super soft and smooth. Look for the certified by the “Cotton Egypt Association” logo, to ensure its authentic 100% Egyptian cotton, which guarantees it is grown in the Nile River Valley, has extra-long staple fibers, and is hand-picked to preserve its’ superior quality for the most restful night’s sleep you deserve.
Interior Eloquence: I find that bamboo bedding is soft and comfortable year-round. They keep you cool in the summer and cozy warm in the winter. When getting your sheets, get extra pillowcases to change out mid-week.  It will help your bed feel fresh before the next wash day.
Au Lit Fine Linens: The perfect bedding is above all else the bedding you feel most comfortable sleeping in! After all, the goal is a solid eight hours of comfort. Do you like crisp & cool sheets? Fine & silky? Dense & buttery soft? Once you know your sleep preference, you can start building your perfect bed. We always suggest 100% all-natural materials, such as cotton, linen, and bamboo for the sheets, and goose down for the inserts. Natural materials are breathable, softer and friendlier towards the environment. Once you’ve got the foundation, the world of style is your oyster with deco details from A to Z.
Cindy, House of Cindy: My favorite new bedding accessories is our Intention setting Relaxation Lavender Eye Pillow. This pillow when placed over your eyes helps to promote calming feelings, within minutes you can feel your mind shut down as you descend into your body creating a deeply relaxing state as tension from the day floats away. Filled with a secret blend of heavenly organic lavender blossoms and organic flax seeds. The Lavender itself offers healing benefits in the form of a natural sedative, easing restlessness and anxiety, and the weight of the flax seeds stimulates an ocular cardiac reflex effect calming the entire nervous system. 
Zenlusso: If you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night feeling either too hot or too cold, look for bedding that helps regulate temperature. Some materials like 100% bamboo viscose are very breathable and thermal regulating. This keeps the body at a stable temperature without letting you feel like you’ve wandered into Mordor or Winterfell. 
Bed Comforter Shop: Did you know that a King-size comforter looks and fits perfectly fine on a Queen-size bed? Sizing up can come in handy if you are struggling to keep the comforter on your side of the bed. A large comforter also covers more of your bed frame and retains more warmth in cooler weather.
Cuddle Ewe: Experience a more restful and healing night’s sleep with wool. Wool bedding is both stress and pain-relieving, which can be especially helpful for those with fibromyalgia and ailments like arthritis and rheumatism. Our specially selected and processed wool has a unique, buoyant resiliency that gently yields to the contours of your entire body so that your weight is supported and diffused more evenly over our wool mattress topper.
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