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L'ESSENZIALE Home Designs, "Crown Goose Salute Pajama"

by Anna Kovalchenko


When it comes to quality bedding, Crown Goose is my favorite brand. Their luxurious, stylish duvet and pillow covers make any bedroom look special. When you spend night wrapped in quality bedsheets, your certainly have a better night sleep. Apart from that, you need to ensure that your room has correct temperature ( near 65°F  or 18.3°C), your bed has good mattress, and there are no noise or sound pollutions. Having a comfortable sleepwear is equally important. That’s why I was so excited when I got a chance to review one of Crown Goose Salute pajamas

Crown Goose Salute Pajamas Review

Now, with a severe quarantine in many countries due to Covid-19 situation, pajamas for many people have become a 24-hour outfit. I am no exception – we’ve been under complete lockdown for almost 2 months now. Most of the time I spend on our terrace. We arranged there a sort of chill out area with large canopy bed made of pallets. It’s so nice to stay there during the day with my dog, good book and a cup of coffee. 


Crown Goose Salute Pajamas


Or simply gazing on the street and the sea… 

Salute Pajamas


Or swinging in our bamboo swing chair

Salute Pajamas

Have you ever wondered when pajamas appeared and who invented them? Apparently it was the French couturier Paul Poiret who launched pajama styles for both day and evening as early as 1911.  Beach pajamas, which were worn by the seaside and for walking on the boardwalk, were popularized by Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel in the early 1920s…


Product description

Salute pajama is made of pure premium cotton, one of the best fabrics for sleepwear, since it is 100% natural, has a good thermal conductivity, durable and pleasant to touch. Signature blue and white colour palette looks very modern and chic. When you wear it you actually feel as if you spend night in a 5 star hotel. 

Salute Pajamas


The pants have string and the shirt is on buttons. You can notice impeccable quality by observing meticulous details – neat stitches, beautiful buttons and comfortable fit. There are two sizes to choose from (M and L), I opted for the M one and it was just right for my body.  It is large enough not to constrain the movements and at the same time it doesn’t look like large shapeless bag. 

Salute Pajamas

Crown Goose Salute Pajamas

Crown Goose Salute Pajamas

I must say that I actually enjoy being all time at home – I don’t feel bored or depressed. I love how much time I am able to spend right now with my loved ones and do things that I actually enjoy.  I guess before I spent too much time on the things that were actually not important – going for shopping for the things I didn’t really need or doing work I didn’t really like. I hope that this quarantine at the end will make us better persons – more conscious, more relaxed, and more caring…. 



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