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Why Goose Down Comforter? 

2 Major Benefits of Goose Down Comforter  

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The word "goose down comforters" also known as duvet already sound too expansive.

Yes! It is an undeniable fact that goose down comforters cost more than cotton-based comforters.

However, the benefits of goose down comforters will definitely counter the goods of any other comforters.   

There are two main reasons why it is better and more cost efficient to purchase goose down duvets.

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For everyone who already bought or experienced goose down duvet, the very first thing that they notice is the different level of warmth. During every winter, it is necessary to have layers of blankets in order to keep yourself warm. It is hard to breathe and most likely to overheat your body which can result in an unpleasant sleeping experience due to trapping yourself with sweat.

However, it is a different story for goose down duvet. Depending on the size and thickness, only one layer of fine quality duvet can provide you with more than enough warmth. In addition, goose down duvet is known for having a characteristic of proving pleasant breathability. This will dramatically change your sleeping experience in dry but warm bed. 

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After using cotton based comforters for a while, you can notice unpleasing changes in them. Sometimes, it is easy to see the handful of cotton shift only on one side of the comforter. In addition, it is also not easy to maintain since cotton absorbs sweat but it is hard to laundry the comforter. 

Unlike other comforters, goose down duvet is easy to maintain. The most ideal way to keep the duvet in its finest shape is to lay the product in the sun for 1-2 hours every two weeks. However, depending on the usage of the duvet, drying under the sun for every two weeks may not too necessary because you will be already enjoying the dry and warm sleeping time. 

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