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4 Easy Steps to Transform your Bed to a Luxury Hotel Bed


When someone visits your house, bedroom especially the bed setting can give the visitors either a positive or negative impression. Here is the most classical way, but also the most effective way to design your mundane bed into a hotel goose down bed.


Step 1

High-quality sheets and covers can bring dramatic changes to your bed. The recommended colors are white, grey, and navy. It is important to keep the simple and modern design with solid colors.   


Step 2

Comforter/ Duvet
The more important item that could bring a bigger change to the bed is the comforter. Changing the comforter to a goose down duvet will automatically add a luxurious atmosphere to your room. You can fell the softness and comfort by just looking at it.   


Step 3

Pillows+ Shams
A new set of shams and pillows will definitely transform your bed. Goose down pillows and shams will bring another level of luxury to your bedroom.


Step 4

Hotel Bath Robe

Lastly, have a hanger to hang a hotel quality bathrobe could be a new design for the room and give the visitors a hotel impression. Even though you are not going to use it, just by having this item can set the luxurious hotel mood.  


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