Purchasing Guide

Let CROWN GOOSE guide you into the world of luxury bedding.


We offer four Duvet lines in order to optimize your sleep during any season of the year.
The combination of Duvet and Topper completes the Goose Down bedding experience historically sought by European nobility.


The warmth provided by Goose Down has been considered a symbol of luxury for centuries. The Very Warm line is often


The warm line is the recommended choice for those who prefer a lighter version of Goose Down that does not sacrifice much of its trademark warmth.


The Medium line is a great choice for all seasons. This weight maximizes duvet ‘breathability’ which emphasizes pleasantness during use.


Excellent at absorbing moisture and quick drying, the Cool line is a smart choice for summer.


The Topper is placed over of a bed frame or mattress.
Viewed as a symbol of luxury over centuries, it is essential to the first-class hotel experience and offers cloud-like comfort.
The combination of Topper and Duvet completes the Goose Down bedding experience historically sought by European nobility.


Double Layer Construction

Filled with 100% (EN) Goose Down, the material is soft, cozy, and prevents the inconvenience of being struck by protruding feathers.

Abundantly filled with Goose Feather, the bottom functions as a stable foundation.

The Ultimate Comfort

A thickness of 10cm offers secure support for the body and provides ultimate comfort by gently wrapping around its shape.

Stable Fastening

High elasticity bands are attached to each of the four corners in order ensure the Topper is fastened firmly and securely to the mattress.


The CROWN GOOSE Triple Layer Pillow was developed through assertive research and offers perfected comfort.
An elegant style can be achieved by using the Pillow and Pillow Sham together.


Triple Layer Construction

The weight and dimensions of the Triple Layer Pillow from CROWN GOOSE are universal standards used by global hotel chains and resorts. Feathers at the core of the pillow provide support for the head and neck. Goose Down is filled around this stable core to ensure the head rests

Choice of Thickness

In accordance to customer needs CROWN GOOSE offers pillows that vary in firmness and thickness. Choose the thickness of your Goose Down Pillow and experience classy and comfortable sleep.


This Pillow thickness is the universal standard of five-star hotels and resorts.


Recommended for those who prefer Pillows at a lower thickness.


The Pillow Sham is a square or rectangular shaped cushion placed behind the Pillow.
One can experience hotel bedding at home by layering Sham and Pillow.
If the bed has a wooden (hard) headboard or lacks one altogether, the sham can be used as a soft support.
CROWN GOOSE Pillow Shams have a high down content which allows them to be used in place of Pillows.

European Pillow Sham

The square Pillow Sham is a decorative pillow used traditionally in European bed styling. Visual stability can be created by arranging a set of three European Pillow Shams on the bed. Depending on style, the arrangement of two Pillow Shams may also be recommended.

Standard Pillow Sham

The rectangular Pillow Sham is a universally used decorative pillow. A neat hotel style can be created by arranging two Standard Pillow Shams on the bed.

Mattress Cover

You can protect your Topper by using a Mattress Cover.
In accordance to customer needs CROWN GOOSE offers two types of Mattress Cover.

Fitted Mattress Cover

- Each of the four corners have a built-in elasticity band that eases the placement and removal of the Mattress Cover.
- A tidy look can be achieved by tightly fitted the cover on the mattress.

Flat Mattress Cover

- This type is the traditionally choice of first-class hotels and can also be used instead of a top cover.
- Folded in under the mattress, this type is adaptable to different mattress heights and creates an elegant hotel style.