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2022. 08. 13.
Huntington Central Park Equestrian Center Huntington Beach, USA




The Free Rein Grand Prix first raised its curtain at Central Park Equestrian Center in Huntington Beach, USA: a veritable mecca for luxury leisure activities such as kayaking, surfing, and horseback riding. Today, it’s well known as a luxury gala show that offers its lucky visitors the chance to look back on the history of horseback riding—an aristocratic sport that has been around since the 14th century—and get an up-close glimpse of the horsemanship of world-renowned jockeys.







Horseback riding is an artistic communion between humans and horses, and Crown Goose’s collection aims to promote not only horseback riding itself but a number of other fields as well, including ballet, golf, and wine. On the day, Crown Goose’s collection provided the perfect addition to the beautiful mosaic created by the elegant harmony of the horse’s flowing manes and the wind that rustled through them.







First introduced as a brand synonymous with luxury bedding in numerous media outlets such as the French high-end magazine Marie Claire Maison alongside Hermès—a luxury brand that has its roots in horse harnesses—Crown Goose is now excited to turn its sights toward presenting an all-new spatial paradigm to the world.








As a royal warranty brand, Crown Goose is honored to carry the torch that symbolizes the royal family’s honored and time-tested history. The Free Rein Grand Prix Gala is a comprehensive art venue where visitors can catch glimpses of horses artfully galloping across a wide-open landscape, and it was this same dreamlike venue that Crown Goose had the honor of visiting for its official sponsorship.








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