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2023. 03. 10 – 2023. 05. 20
Songeun Artspace


The world-renowned Uli Sigg Collection exhibition was newly unveiled at Songeun Art Space, and Crown Goose was on the scene to introduce the blue tones and sensitive aesthetic connection that lie behind the curtains of modern art.

Ever since 1989, the Songeun Cultural Foundation has held a pioneering role in the world of contemporary art. A landmark in the city with a dynamic façade built together with world-renowned architectural practice Herzog & de Meuron, Songeun Art Space joined hands with Crown Goose's art foundation White Continuum to connect the profound impressions of art with human life.

Unveiled for the first time in Korea, the eye-catching Sigg Collection contains about 600 works of art in a myriad of forms, including videos, sculptures, and paintings. These works have incorporated the philosophy of Uli Sigg, a master of art-collecting and former Swiss ambassador to China, North Korea, and Mongolia.


While many collectors tend to go down the commercial route, Uli Sigg's artistic philosophy is one that leans closer to donation than accumulation, proving that he is not only a pivotal figure in the International Arts Council but one that penetrates the East and the West.

Never shying away from a chance to support domestic galleries such as Songeun Art Space as well as international art events such as London Art Fair and LA Art Show, Crown Goose is determined to continue providing spaces and lifestyles that are jam-packed with artistic energy.

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