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2024. 03. 11.
Writers Guild Theater, Los Angeles, USA





Having long established ourselves as the signature living brand for luxury maisons steeped in a long histories of grandeur, Crown Goose had the honor of being an official sponsor of The Taste Awards. Highlighted by the Writers Guild of America in the top 0.01% enclave village of Beverly Hills, LA, The Taste Awards provided us with yet another venue to deliver our aesthetically pleasing narrative.





A pioneering awards ceremony that turns to face the spectrum of diverse everyday scenarios to facilitate the advancement of the entertainment industry, The Taste Awards celebrated its 15th anniversary by reinforcing its distinctive position and permeating the most contemporary lifestyle trends.





 Known for our extensive activities at the intersection of art and beauty, we at Crown Goose shared our forward-thinking culture at The Taste Awards—a glorious framework that plays home to dramatic visual stimuli every year in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, where power and new trends are defined yearly.





Eternally captivating each and every one of our noble clients, the Crown Goose Hotel Collection offers an immersive journey that blends modern elements with our iconic house code.





Experience a transcendent form of high living creatively expressed through visual inspiration from Crown Goose, the royal warrant bedding brand crafting the ultimate blueprint of prestige.



The Past, Present and Future of Luxury