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2022.01.19 – 2022.01.23

LA Convention Center, Los Angeles, USA





  A city that countless worldwide artists call home, LA is also referred to as “the city of angels.”

The LA Art Show features more than 120 major galleries at the forefront of the cultural world, and this has helped cement it as the new epicenter for modern art.





Art often reflects the society in which it was created, and the 2022 LA Art Show has expanded the role and concept of this art through works such as paintings, sculptures, and new media alongside installation art that embodies humans’ lives within nature.





Having planted a masterpiece in the heart of nature and watched it grow to become one with the vast land from which it was born, Crown Goose showcased its unique brand of supernatural artistic essence and established communion with global renowned gallery curators and artists.





Crown Goose’s Art Bedding collection goes beyond the boundaries of art to reach all-new heights while delivering to its holders a life that transcends the flow of time to become one with art itself.



The Past, Present and Future of Luxury